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What is SEO?

The term SEO gets batted around by marketers all the time. Chances are you’ve heard this phrase a dozen or so times by marketing experts. And you may nod your head and say you understand, but really it’s all a foreign language. So let’s clear this up once and for all.

Search engine optimization is a method marketers use to make sure your company’s website is seen in search engine results. Think of it as a game – whoever can make it to the top of the Google search rankings is the winner. Although the outcome is easy to understand, the process of getting your website to the top is anything but simple. It takes a combination of great design and awesome content along with a number of other things to even get ranked. And then you have to deal with your competition.

It’s not something that can be done overnight and you need constant monitoring to make sure you’re still on top tomorrow, or next week, or even next year. It’s time that you don’t have to spend.

So you hire an SEO company. And obviously, things didn’t go well otherwise you wouldn’t be here right now.

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Is Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Company Working for You or Against You?

Let’s get something straight – there are tons of companies out there in the world that does exactly what you do. Just one quick search on Google and you’ll find thousands of listings and companies vying for your client’s business. And each one of those companies has a marketing team who’s working hard to make sure they get all the clients.

So maybe you hired an SEO guru who contacted you via your contact form. (even being an SEO firm, we get these automated emails every day) The guru makes a lot of promises – your website will be rising through the ranks within a week and by this time next month, you’ll be on the first page of Google and you will be making tons of money and have so many leads you won’t know what to do. Promises like this are exciting, aren’t they? You know it’s going to work, especially since you’re spending a lot of money.

And then time goes by.  Your website is still on page 7 and falling.  You’re not getting the number of clients as promised. What gives?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Unfortunately, this is what happens to many companies. You are not alone. They are inundated on a daily basis by marketing firms or individuals with Gmail and Hotmail accounts who promise the world and don’t deliver on results.

So you hire us. And we do as we promised.

The Proof is in the Pudding When It Comes to SEO

seo-keyword-research-enx2-marketingBefore we even sit down to meet with you, the first thing our Scranton search engine optimization experts at ENX2 will do is run a site audit on your website. This will give us a complete picture of what we’re dealing with. From there, we can better understand the SEO efforts of what needs to be done to truly help your company.

SEO all comes down to statistics – if your SEO services plan is working correctly, you will see an increase in your analytics and your conversion rates over time. If your SEO strategy isn’t being correctly implemented, then you won’t see anything happening. And with a proper site audit, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what your site is missing, what is working, and what isn’t.

Once we know what we’re working with, we can give you the best plan to improve your SEO and your online rankings in search engines. Sometimes, it may be drastic – such as a redesigned website, new content, and new blogs.  But in many cases, it may be something simple such as reworking your content or adding new pages every month with adjustments to your present titles and meta descriptions. Just know that our recommendations are based on data and analytics.

Check out our blog to get a better understanding of SEO.

A Breakdown of ENX2’s Nationwide SEO Services

We’re not going to reveal the secret to our Pennsylvania SEO company’s success. Let’s just say it takes a lot of hard work and a lot of commitment on our part.

Let’s get something straight: No matter what anyone promises, SEO does not happen overnight. With Google constantly changing the rules, you can see an increase one week followed by a decrease the next week. It ebbs and flows. What we can say for sure is that it will take at least six months for a new website to start ranking. And even if you have a website already, a total redesign and overhaul for SEO services could take up to nine months before you start seeing a real difference in traffic.

It’s a slow process and no, there is no magical way to speed it up. You need patience and time will reward you. If you are looking for more instantaneous results, you need to focus more on search engine marketing (SEM) along with PPC ads and other services that can give quicker results. With SEO, you need to remember it is an investment and for long-term results that would help replace the cost of quick advertising tactics such as PPC and Gooogle ads.

We have a simple, three-step strategy to make sure your website gets climbing:

Step One – Fixing the Problems

Every SEO campaign starts with a good foundation – your website. We’ll make sure all the kinks are worked out with design and coding, optimize all pages to the fullest, write informative content that is rich with keywords, make sure your website is running as fast as possible, and many other technical things that you don’t have to worry about. The end result will have the following features:

Step Two – Building the Brand

When your site goes live comes the secret part. Not that it’s a secret, but it’s actions that you might not see. It’s called building your brand. You see, in order to really rank on Google, not only do you need to have a great website, but you have to have some authority in your field of expertise.

So how do we build your brand? There are several methods of doing this:

Among other things.

Step Three – Maintaining Your Presence

This is the step that many companies forget about. You go through all the trouble to get everything squared away, you get to the top … and then you shut it down. You can’t do that. As we said before, SEO is constantly changing. Google changes its algorithm at least once every other month. And the longer you don’t touch your website, the longer it gets stale and begins falling down.

ENX2 will constantly maintain your website but add content, updating content, and monitoring to make sure no errors pop up. To you, it may not be as labor intensive as the first two steps, but this step is the most important and the hardest. If one page falls in ranking to a competitor, we have to analyze and figure out why, then come up with the right solution to the problem.

We’re Not Guaranteeing Results – Just Improvement

There is no guarantee to make you number one on Google. And, to be realistic, you may not want to be number one; according to research, many clients will choose anyone in the first three pages of Google and not necessarily the first guy on the totem pole. What you really need is not a search engine optimization company that promises results. What you need is a search engine optimization company that promises a better ROI. And that’s ENX2.

If your company is in need of search engine optimization, then don’t wait. Contact nationwide SEO company ENX2 Marketing today to schedule your site audit.

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