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Transformational Leadership Training

Our team at ENX2 Marketing excels in all we do because we’re inspired every day to rise above the ordinary to create extraordinary results for our clients.

We’re happy to report that companies are making the connection that employee engagement with their place of employment is important. At ENX2 Marketing, we aren’t just a team, we’re like family, and that’s how we developed our transformational leadership training.

From monthly lunches to company events and team outings, company morale is important to us. A 2019 Gallup report explained that companies that added emphasis on employee engagement and wellness saw 21% greater profitability. So, it only makes sense that your company should also invest in your people, not just your product.

But how can you inspire your team to rise above, day after day?

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

It’s cheesy, we know. But believe us, it works. Open communication is a huge part of our company policy. Our open office space allows for creativity and interdepartmental collaboration, and our work doesn’t pass to our clients without every department taking a look at it. Everything we output is cultivated and nurtured as a team effort where everyone plays a specific role and contributes to the end result.

When everyone plays an integral part, everyone feels valued and that their input is important. Don’t believe us? Check out this statistic: 37% of employees believe that recognition is the most important thing a manager could do for them.

Professional Growth Becomes Personal Gain

Let’s face it: the digital world is changing every day. That’s why our team keeps up to date in our field by enrolling in certification programs and online courses to stay in the know on all things digital marketing.

But how does that help inspire us? Because when our team grows their skill sets, we celebrate their achievements. That’s why when you see our social media pages like Facebook, you’ll often see posts about what our ENX2 crew is doing. You can also check out our Meet The Team video playlist on our YouTube channel where you get to know the people behind the company.

Not only do we celebrate our team achievements like the time ENX2 Marketing CEO Nicole Farber and Director of Communications Logan Godfrey accepted the Silver title by the Ad World Masters at their Agency of the Year awards.

Did you know that our SEO & Content Specialist, Christopher Knighton, is a published author, and our Graphic Design, Logan Rock, has made covers for novels? It’s true! But of course, we want to highlight team knowledge, that’s why we have a podcast and weekly blogs where each team member shares their industry expertise.

Lead by Example Through Transformational Leadership

When it comes down to it, the way your company executives operate within the team can often set the mood for the rest of the employees. At ENX2, our executive team leads by example, creating meaningful relationships, promoting networking, and sharing their own experiences to ensure that team morale and company culture are achieved at all levels. Nicole influences and inspires the team at ENX2 in such a way that every day, they perform above and beyond their own potential. This is known as Transformational Leadership.

Nicole often ends a conversation with, “Let’s be amazing.” But it isn’t just a filler statement–it’s become our company motto.

If you feel your employees are losing steam and feeling like they don’t fit into the company culture, it may be a good opportunity for you to reevaluate your leadership style. While your team may be learning from you, you should also learn from your team. The only way to grow your team and your company is to grow morale.

As Nicole says, “Everything is relationships. That’s what we need to build.”

Need some help inspiring your team? Check out Nicole’s video series where she offers her insight on bettering yourself and your company.

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