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Employment law can be quite noble. You’re the voice of the American worker and will fight on our behalf to make sure we get our fair share of the pie. Whether it’s fighting against discrimination in the workplace, making sure employees are paid a fair wage, or even something not as glamorous, like drawing up an employment contract, you’re still a great fighter for the common man.

However, it can be difficult to get clients. Unlike a personal injury lawyer, wage violations don’t happen every day (or workers don’t know enough to file a lawsuit). It may be hard to find the leads you need to keep your law firm going, especially when you’re fighting against some pretty big employment law firms with giant class actions and even more giant settlements. What you need is an online marketing team that can get you the leads that you need to get ahead of the game.

ENX2 Marketing has the custom-tailored solution in online marketing for employment lawyers.

The Competition
David Sanford
The results of ENX2’s work are extraordinary and transparent to everyone in the firm. The volume of our intakes nationwide has more than doubled in two years. We have almost doubled our staff to keep up with the demand.
David Sanford
Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP

Rise To The Top In Employment Law With Digital Marketing By ENX2

According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, in the 2018 fiscal year, 199 merit lawsuits alleging discrimination were filed. The most common discrimination cases included retaliation, sex, disability, race, and age.

As an employment law attorney, you know the severity of these cases and how critical your role is when it comes to bringing a charge against a company, be it a small business or large corporation.

But how can you bring in clients who need legal support when it comes to employment law? Digital marketing.

We know your employment law firm has the potential to rise above the competition. But we also know you may need some guidance on getting your firm there.

With ENX2 Marketing, we will take your digital marketing efforts and blow them out of the water. Our team of web designers, writers, SEO and PPC specialists, and social media gurus will take the hard work you’ve put into creating this firm, and match it online. We know you’re dedicated to your clients. Let us help get the message out.

Our legal marketing team works with lawyers across the country to build websites, grow social media followings, create relevant content and boost your rankings in the search engines.

You’re the legal expert and do wonders for your clients. Let us work our digital marketing magic to help you be an employment law firm on the rise.

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Your law firm is your life’s work–let us help build its legacy. We have helped grow the online reputation of countless law firms across the nation. Let us help you become the leading employment law firm in your region with a little boost in digital marketing efforts. Our team is all about doing amazing things. Ready to rise above with us? Contact our team of legal marketing experts today!