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Marketing for Bilingual Law Firms

If your law firm offers bilingual attorney services, you need a marketing firm that will make sure everyone knows what services you offer.

The United States has the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, and more businesses are trying to meet that market by offering bilingual services. Law firms are no different, but with marketing, advertising the different aspects and services you offer can be difficult. Bilingual law firms are not as small in number as they used to be, but not everyone knows about your bilingual attorney services. ENX2 Legal Marketing wants to help change that.

If your law firm offers bilingual attorney services, you need a marketing firm that will make sure everyone knows what services you offer. Bilingual attorney services are something that a significant amount of people in the U.S. need. Without the ability to communicate with their attorney in their primary language, people are at a significant disadvantage against opposing defendants, plaintiffs, and/or the criminal justice system.

If you want to be known as the bilingual law firm to go to for the Spanish speakers in your community, contact the marketing experts at ENX2 Legal Marketing.

What Does Legal Marketing for a Bilingual Law Firm Look Like?

To draw in clients who speak and read Spanish as their first language, you want to basically double your marketing output. When you make English social media posts, you want to have Spanish counterparts. When you make English blog posts, make that same content available in Spanish. Those are two prime examples of what bilingual law firms should be doing with their marketing.

But, marketing in one language is a lot. A marketing firm can write all of the content, translate it, and then upload it in the most effective way possible. ENX2 Legal Marketing is an agency with a track record for being able to do that. We offer bilingual content for:

  • Social media
  • Blog posts
  • Web pages
  • Paid ads

How Does Having Bilingual Marketing Content Help?

Social media, blog posts, web pages, and paid ads all appeal to different audiences. By doubling the languages you use, you significantly increase how many people you can reach with everything that you do.

Social Media

Many social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook don’t separate their users by where they live for the most part. People mingle and talk to each other across all languages, and when you put bilingual posts into that one space, you can double-dip with your audience.

Being bilingual in a public forum is a subtle way to inform your community of your bilingual attorney services, while also keeping your law firm’s brand in the public eye.

Blog Posts & Web Pages

The best bilingual blog posts and web pages are made with SEO in mind. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all about trying to get your page to rank #1 when someone searches for a target keyword. If you’re a personal injury law firm, you want your law firm’s website to come up when someone searches “personal injury lawyer near me.”

Due to how online search engines work, you want to have two versions of your posts and pages. While you give your website the ability to switch languages with the press of a button, you want your site to have two separate posts or pages on the backend. When you do that, you rank for SEO in both languages and gather almost twice the number of searches.

While repetitious content does get flagged by search engines, that’s only when they’re in the same language. Search engines like Google and Bing distinguish content by language, so even if a second blog post is just a translation of another, it’s treated as new content.

Paid Ads

Paid ads–such as Google Search, Facebook, and LinkedIn–are still some of the most effective ways to increase your law firm’s brand awareness. This means it’s also the best place to increase awareness of your bilingual attorney services. The strategy on how to best advertise this service differs from platform to platform.

For example, Google Search ads allow you to have titles and descriptions that use both English and Spanish. With an experienced marketing team, you can experiment with different language combinations in your ad’s written content and visuals. ENX2 Legal Marketing has the graphic designers and paid ad content writers to get the job done.

Marketing Bilingual Law Firms Isn’t Easy

Marketing can be like a second job in itself, and if you need to focus on running your law firm, you can’t spend time marketing your firm, let alone marketing your bilingual attorney services. What you need is an online legal marketing firm that can handle the ins and outs of all things digital marketing, and advertise the services that make your firm standout.

ENX2 Legal Marketing is the most experienced business for marketing your firm and ensuring your community knows what services you offer. If you have bilingual attorney services you need to advertise along with for your firm, ENX2 Legal Marketing is the agency you need. Contact us today.

Legal Marketing

If your law firm offers bilingual attorney services, you need a marketing firm that will make sure everyone knows what services you offer.

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