online marketing for family law attorneys enx2 marketingFamily law can be very complex. After all, you’re dealing with the family unit, which can become very contentious. Be it a divorce, child custody, or alimony payments, family law attorneys have to straddle the line between being a sympathetic friend to your client and an aggressive fighter in the courtroom. Let’s admit it, people come to family lawyers at a stressful and depressing time in their lives. It can be hard.

At the same time, family law attorneys are everywhere. Chances are you have some pretty stiff competition just in your neighborhood, let alone your whole town. And the only way to get a leg up on the competition is to have the proper online resources available to your prospective clients. But who has the time to create a website, post to social media, write a blog, creating an AdWords campaign, and monitor your search engine rankings?

Don’t worry, ENX2 Marketing has you covered with online marketing for family law attorneys.

A Little Lesson on How Online Marketing Gets More Leads for Lawyers

Most family law attorneys and even digital marketing companies firmly believe that in order to get the leads you need to survive, you need to be on Page 1 of Google for every single keyword. Well, ok, that may be true, but there’s so much more you need, such as:

  • Outstanding SEO
  • A website design that is not only user-friendly but properly optimized
  • A social media marketing strategy that gets attention
  • Standout content that will convert your visitors into clients
  • PPC campaigns that will attract the attention you want

It’s tough, we know. Getting legitimate tax law leads from the internet is a daunting task to take on for a lawyer. You have your own issues to handle – client cases to win, taking care of your staff, making sure your reputation is where you want it to be, and just running a business. Getting clients and marketing should be the least of your troubles. That’s why you need us.

What Are Clients in Need of a Family Law Attorney Looking For?

When a potential client heads to your website, he/she is looking for the following things:

  • Matter of Trust – Are you trustworthy? Do you make claims that can be backed up? For instance, you say you won a case for millions. That’s on your site, right? You need to make sure your content is not only persuasive but is factual.
  • Expertise in Your Field – You spent years and thousands of dollars in law school and clerkships to come this far. But if you don’t have the information on the site, how will people trust you? Your content must reflect your expertise.
  • You’re Ahead of the Game – You need to show that not only do you have the experience, but you are up-to-date on all legal matters. The best way to show that is through a responsive, well-designed website. And remember, more and more of your visitors are using their cell phones to search you so that website better be responsive.
  • Visibility – Are you easily found online? Visibility is key. People are not going to even look at results beyond the third page of Google so you need to be ranking high in your field of expertise.

If you don’t have anything like this now, it’s time for a change.

How Can ENX2 Marketing Help With Online Marketing for Family Law Attorneys?

The legal online marketing team at ENX2 has been spending years working with all types of lawyers to make their firms stand out online. We’ve worked with all types of law firms, from nationally recognized law firms to solo practitioners in highly competitive markets such as New York City. As a boutique marketing agency, we only take on a few clients each year so we can give them the personal attention that they deserve. Not only will you be able to reach us at any time with your questions, but we work day and night to make sure your website and marketing efforts are exactly where they should be – at the top of the heap.

We can promise that from the minute you hire us, you will not be disappointed in the results.

Take a chance. If you are a family lawyer and in need of an online marketing team, we’re here for you. Call us today at 844-ENX2-WEB or contact us online to schedule a site audit.