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Sean Martin
ENX2 has taken our online presence to the next level. With a brand new website design, and revamped social media marketing strategy, we've gone from run of the mill to cutting edge in our digital marketing. The name ENX2 is synonymous with EXCELLENCE!
Sean Martin

Did you know only 32% of adults in the United States have a will or some form of estate planning completed? As an estate planning lawyer, you may think this is great news because that leaves a large sector to get in touch with and to get going on those documents. But the problem is, how is anyone going to get their attention without digital marketing designed for estate planning lawyers?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this day and age, there are estate planning lawyers and DIY will creators all across the internet. It’s no wonder why potential clients feel overwhelmed, how can they know who can they trust with their end-of-life wishes?

Luckily, we know that you have a good team behind you, and you want to do right by your clients. But you may need a little push in the right direction. Welcome to ENX2–we’ll take your current marketing and take it to the next level so your estate planning law firm can rise above all of the competition.

Ready to get started?

What’s Different About Digital Marketing For Estate Planning Lawyers?

You’re incredibly busy. From meeting with clients about their estate planning documents to litigation surrounding wills that may have been drawn up in poor faith, you have your hands full.

But you want to grow your firm, bringing clients in from all over. We can help you by taking some of the stress related to your marketing efforts and propelling it forward. We’ll take your lackluster online presence and transform you into a firm that all the others envy. But how?

A Website Fit for Your Estate Planning Law Firm

First things first: we have to update your website so it meets modern standards. We’re talking about improving your user experience, and making site navigation easy and intuitive.

Then, we’ll take a look at what content you already have, and boost it with SEO tactics. We’ll also work with you to create content that will engage your target demographic and also shares the message of your work.

The Social Media Presence a Law Firm Needs

Once we’ve set up your new website, complete with a bountiful display of captivating content, we’ll hit up our social media team to get you on the interwebs. This includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Video is the future so we’ll also work with you, no matter if you’re in our backyard or across the country to get personalized, professional videos of you and your team doing what you do best–helping people prepare for the future.

After Everything is Up and Running, Your Digital Marketing Has Just Begun

Once we have your website and all of your social media accounts up and running, we’re still not done. We’ll update your content regularly, optimize your pages and blogs, and research the latest trends in estate planning law so you can be ahead of the competition.

Are you ready to join the ranks of law firms and companies from all over the world who have trusted our digital marketing expertise?

ENX2 is Here To Help You Rise Above the Competition

You have one of the most important jobs–helping people plan for the future for themselves and their loved ones. It can be taxing, but it’s critical work. Let us help you, help others. We value the work you do. And we think you’ll find value in what we can do for you.

Contact our team of legal marketing experts today. You plan for everyone else’s future. Let us plan for you.