ENX2 Legal Marketing Expert

It’s not easy out there for a lawyer these days. Every day, it seems like there are more lawyers than there are clients. And clients are no longer relying on commercials or newspaper advertising to find an attorney. It’s become a world devoted to the internet and just a quick search can land potential clients hundreds of results for bankruptcy lawyers. So, how can bankruptcy lawyer marketing in the digital space help you?

How can you get the leads you need to make your practice thrive? Well, if your website isn’t ranking or you have no social media presence, chances are you’re not getting the clients that you deserve. You may be panicking, not sure what your next steps should be. How can you rise above the competition? What will make you stand above the rest? How can you not only get new clients but keep them?

Relax, ENX2 Marketing has got you covered.

Digital Marketing for Bankruptcy Lawyers

When it comes to targeting clients as a bankruptcy lawyer, you have a lot to consider. What do potential clients need to see, what are their major concerns, and how can they get through the bankruptcy process with your help? While you may think you have that all under control with your pre-existing messaging, the reality is if you haven’t adapted to digital marketing standards, you’re missing out on a large pool of people who need your help.

So, how does digital marketing help?

The first step is attracting clients who need your services. Digital marketing can help you create an amazing website with fantastic user experience, and great speed, all while optimized for the best results. You’ll need a marketing agency that does the research on your competitors to know what keywords you need to be ranking for, what your clients are searching for and how to tailor your messaging to those needs.

Once you have a website, you’ll need content. People want to know that they can trust you, and feel like you have their best interests in mind. That’s why we’ll help you create content that not only will people want to read, but will help them through the process or that answers questions they may be afraid to ask.

Not only will content build credibility, but it will also help you in the search engine rankings.

After you have the website groundwork, then you’ll need to build a presence on social media–it’s 2020 after all and you’d be shocked how many people find law firms from a simple Facebook ad, post, or eye-catching video.

Our legal marketing team won’t stop there, just like you won’t stop for your clients.

With digital marketing, you can continue to grow through PPC ads, video marketing, graphic design, and even traditional marketing if you need it!

But this is a lot to handle on your own, especially when you want to give your all to your clients. Let us help!

Why ENX2 Marketing?

Just like you’re dedicated to your clients, we’re dedicated to you.  As a boutique marketing agency, we only take on a few clients each year so we can give them the personal attention that they deserve. At ENX2 Marketing, we’ve worked with law firms all over the country from bankruptcy law to employee rights, personal injury and everything in between. Our team does the research needed to put you above your competitors so whether you are a law firm in its infancy or have been doing this for years, we will work with you to ensure your needs are met and you’re pulling in leads.

Not only will you be able to reach us at any time with your questions, but we work day and night to make sure your website and marketing efforts are exactly where they should be – at the top of the charts.

Take a chance. If you are a bankruptcy lawyer and in need of a digital legal marketing team who is willing to work with you, ENX2 Marketing is ready to help you out. Call or text us today at 844-ENX2-WEB to speak with one of our experts.