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Social Media Marketing For Law Firms

Let’s face it: legal social media marketing is not the same as it once was.

Back in the day, all you had to do was post a picture on your firm’s Facebook page and it reached thousands of followers. Nowadays, not so much.

Don’t get us wrong – social media is still a great marketing tool. It’s inexpensive, easily accessible for everyone, and creates a certain trustworthiness between the customer and the business. Plus, Facebook ads are still cheaper than placing an ad in your local newspaper and will reach a much larger audience.

This brings us to the key of social media marketing for lawyers: reaching the right people with the right strategies.

With effective social media marketing, you’ll gain total control over your firm’s content and see quick results. Let us show you how.


You know that old saying – you need to spend money to make money? That’s the case with social media marketing for law firms.

No longer is it fair play for everyone. Now, social media networks have become media corporations that want money. To see a strong ROI, you’ll need to create a strategic budget and stick with it.

How ENX2 Marketing Helps

Our Scranton social media experts will analyze your social media, determine what content is working (and what isn’t), and develop comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Need some help with your content, too? We’ve got you covered.


Increased Brand Visibility

When you market your firm on social media, you make it easier for potential clients to find and learn about your legal services.

Stronger Client Relationships

Responding to comments, concerns, and questions on social media is an excellent way to establish rapport and trust with your followers.

Targeted Advertising

Social platforms offer highly targeted advertising options, which help you reach specific, profitable demographics.

Streamlined Content Distribution

Share all of your firm’s content with a broad audience, from blog posts and articles to video advertisements and beyond.

Cost-Effective Strategies

With careful planning and targeting, you can reach a large audience without breaking the bank, making it an attractive option for law firms of all sizes.

Public Credibility & Authority

By regularly sharing valuable legal insights on social media, you can position yourself as a trusted thought leader in your field.


There’s a way to get your social content out there, and we’ve found it.

Not only is ENX2 Marketing skilled in picking out the right content for sponsored posts, but we also have 10+ years of experience overseeing social media marketing for attorneys. Our campaigns have been featured in many top legal publications, and we’ve designed a tried-and-true approach to growing lawyers’ online presence.

With the proper spending, your firm will get more social media leads than ever. We’re committed to showcasing your legal firm in the best light across all the relevant social platforms.

The Competition
David Sanford
The results of ENX2’s work are extraordinary and transparent to everyone in the firm. The volume of our intakes nationwide has more than doubled in two years. We have almost doubled our staff to keep up with the demand.
David Sanford
Sanford Heisler Sharp, LLP

If you are looking for a digital agency experienced in social media marketing for attorneys, you’ve come to the right place. Contact ENX2 Marketing to schedule a review of your social media efforts.

Social Media
Marketing For Lawyers

Your social media presence says everything about your firm. If you’re doing it right, your social engagement is where all your other digital marketing efforts will connect.

Let the legal social media marketing experts at ENX2 show you the way.

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