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Christopher Knighton, SEO and Content Specialist
SEO and Content Specialist

Christopher Knighton

SEO and Content Specialist

Chris has extensive experience and creativity in content writing and social media, and he hones it every day for ENX2 Marketing's clients.

After finding that he wasn’t interested in pursuing a career in his major of Computer Science, Christopher Knighton was looking for an industry that could utilize his creative marketing skills. In 2019, he found an internship at Mobiniti SMS as a Creative Content Intern, where he learned the basics of the marketing funnel. Then went on to be a Marketing Specialist post-graduation. This is where he honed his skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the many small details that go into getting a client’s web page to show up on page one.

To move forward with his career in marketing, he joined the team at ENX2 Marketing two years later, still as a relative newcomer, growing into the team’s go-to guy for SEO and all things comic books. Now he utilizes his extensive experience in creating content to curate website content for ENX2 Marketing’s clients. This includes SEO-optimized web pages and weekly blog posts that bring in thousands of impressions and many visitors to their sites.

His creativity at ENX2 Marketing doesn’t stop with his written content, but also expands into multimedia efforts. To show clients the utility and creativity behind video and audio content, he was the host for a season of the ENX2 Marketing Podcast. In 2021, he interviewed each member of the ENX2 Marketing team. This included long-time members, new recruits, and summer interns, to learn more about their perspective on the marketing industry and their interest in it. All sixteen episodes are available in video format on the ENX2 Marketing YouTube channel, and in audio form on RSS.com and Apple Podcasts.

Chris’s creative work extends outside of his regular profession. In his off-hours, he hones his SEO penmanship, his video editing skills, and his creative opt-ed writing on his website SomethingCentral.com, where every week he reviews videos and posts feature-length articles. Comic books have been his first love for years and love to create weekly content about the best comic books in the industry. He reviews books from the Big Two–DC and Marvel–along with indie publishers like Boom! Studios and Scout Comics.

When new comic books series start, he’ll turn his shorter weekly reviews into quick videos for the website’s YouTube channel. There you can hear his opinion in video form, and keep up with everything new that’s going on in the comic book industry. You can also see his feature-length articles turned into long, easily digestible video reviews.

All of this creative content stems from one thing, his love for writing. Ever since high school, Chris has had a love for writing fiction. Originally a fanfiction writer, he began to write original stories in the genres of sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction. Since then, he’s completed several amateur manuscripts, several of which are available on Amazon digitally and physically. Eventually, he plans to have them professionally edited and published, but for now, he publishes new chapters of his original stories every week on his website.

On SomethingCentral.com, the dark fantasy series about a new demon king, The House of Asmodeus: A Trial by Fire is available to read, completely free. Currently, the D&D-inspired fantasy adventure, Raydorn: The War in the Black is publishing new chapters bi-weekly. No matter what he does he’s always writing, and happy just to hear anyone reading his work.

Fun Facts About Chris

  • He’s finished eleven original manuscripts for fictional novels across sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction.
  • He’s published over 100 videos on his Youtube Channel since its inception in 2019.
  • He graduated from college with a triple minor in Mathematics, English Literature, and Astronomy.
  • He has an encyclopedic knowledge of DC and Marvel Comics.
  • He has an original copy of the first issue of Red Sonja’s first solo run.

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