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Christopher Knighton, SEO and Content Specialist
SEO and Content Specialist

Christopher Knighton

SEO and Content Specialist

Chris has extensive experience and creativity in content writing and social media, and he hones it every day for ENX2 Marketing's clients.

Chris brings a new perspective as a relative newcomer into the marketing industry. Originally studying to learn computer science, he pivoted into marketing. Learning that he had more to offer creatively rather than (computer) scientifically, he found an internship in Wilkes-Barre. He got his start learning about SMS marketing, learning the basics of the overall marketing industry. There he learned how to write the perfect blog post, with high SEO and readability. 

He was able to learn, grow, and adapt from years of experience in creative writing. Having been a fiction writer since high school, he has written over a dozen novels and published half of them. He has published work in the genres of science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and realistic fiction, available in print and digitally on Amazon. He’s well versed in how to craft a story with a clear message. 

Chris brought this writing and marketing know-how to his own YouTube channel, Something Central Comics. Using his SEO knowledge and informational writing experience, he makes videos about the comics books he loves. There he reviews and analyzes popular comic runs, comic eras, and adaptations in well-edited videos on a monthly basis.

Now it’s all grown into his own website which contains links to his YouTube channel’s videos, preview chapters of his books, his videos in blog form, complete short stories, and original web series for the site (Check out the trailer to the website here: https://youtu.be/rrkmDzvUOSU). 

All that experience and creativity is at ENX2 Marketing’s disposal, and he hones it every day for the company’s clients.

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