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Alisa Randall, Business Development Representative
Business Development Representative

Alisa Randall

Business Development Representative

Alisa is an experienced professional with a background in healthcare, science & education. She is an energetic and creative spirit who likes to be out in the world sharing and connecting with others. Alisa holds degrees in both Exercise Science & Elementary Education. Driven to go above and beyond, she takes pride in helping individuals and organizations drive new growth through strategies built on trust and confidence. Alisa is currently a Business Development Representative with ENX2 Marketing. In this role, she helps you discover answers, find solutions and create possibilities to move forward.

Prior to coming to ENX2 Marketing, Alisa was a life coach in the mental health field and a patient consultant in the cannabis industry. She is very knowledgeable in the area of understanding terpenes/cannabinoids’ roles and effects in marijuana medicine. During this time she has helped hundreds of patients with their medical conditions and medical marijuana journeys. While serving as a life coach, Alisa spent time fostering relationships with adolescents and their families. Embracing the core values of empathy, trusting relationships, service, growth, and results are very important to her.

Alisa is wired to help others think differently and to grab life by the horns. With the online world evolving, she has more recently gained interest and passion for the digital marketing world. The ability to relate to people on any level or platform is critical to an outstanding customer service experience.

In her spare time, Alisa can often be found spending time with her cats, reading self-improvement books, listening to music and enjoying zumba/spin workouts.