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Logan Rock, Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer

Logan Rock

Graphic Designer

Fascinated by art and the creative process, Logan joins ENX2 Marketing on our mission to make businesses shine brighter above the rest.

Logan is a graduate of Wilkes University with a degree in digital design and media art and has long been fascinated by art and the creative process. While at Wilkes, Logan gained valuable design experience that would later benefit him in his career. He was an active member of Studio 20, a student-run club that gave him the opportunity to take on design jobs from outside clients. During his time in college, Logan was also part of the winning team for the America 250 competition in 2019. 

Since graduating, he has worked on numerous projects focused on design but has found a keen interest and love for digital marketing. Logan uses his experience in design and his passion for art to create amazing graphics for our clients.

Logan loves filling his free time with watching movies, reading, playing games, and adventuring outdoors. He is interested in many creative pursuits, and would one day like to write his own children’s book, a novel, and develop his own tabletop game.

Fun Facts About Logan

  • He can play the cello
  • He does not like pierogies
  • His #1 travel destination is Australia
  • He designed a book cover that actually got printed
  • His favorite animal is a rock dove

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