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Is there a difference between lawyer marketing and regular marketing? Believe it or not, there is. With legal marketing, you’re not just promoting a brand…you’re also promoting the people who make the brand possible. Many marketing firms don’t understand this concept. Instead of focusing on the people, many companies focus on the accolades or whenever a case was successful. You see Facebook pages filled with news items that relate to your practice but have nothing to do with your firm. The content is dry and full of legal terms that only other lawyers understand or links to articles and blogs that just aren’t getting traffic. And when breaking news happens, your marketing team is nowhere to be found.

With lawyer marketing, it’s not only the practice that should receive the focus but the people. From the named partners down to the legal assistants, you should not only promote your services but promote the people within.

ENX2 Has Changed the Rules for Lawyer Marketing

law firm marketing enx2 marketingAt ENX2 Marketing, our marketing focuses on the people, not the practice. After talking to many lawyers, we discovered how disgruntled they are with their current marketing companies. Many don’t know what the agency is doing for them. Others aren’t getting any results. And the entire industry is frustrated and unsure what to do next.

Let’s be honest — as a lawyer, you’ve paid tens of thousands of dollars to have someone create a website and handle the content creation and social media with the expectation that the clients will choose you over your competitor down the street. And what are the results of your money? You’re not sure because that marketing company doesn’t communicate with you.

That’s why ENX2 has changed the rules when it comes to legal marketing. We will take the time to make sure your lawyers are front and center in our law firm marketing efforts.

Lawyer Website Design

It all starts with the design. Your website is your online firm. More and more people are flocking online to research you, your attorneys, and your practice. If your website is unappealing, hard to use, and is difficult to understand, you’re not going to see the results you deserve, no matter how much you spend on advertising.

Don’t get any contacts online? We’ll tell you why — it’s your website. The better experience a user has with your site, the more likely you’ll get a contact. The more contacts you get, the less likely you’ll have to worry about paying your staff.

Social Media Legal Marketing

What many law firms (and legal marketers) forget is that social media is all about being social. Your followers want to learn not only your successes but need to relate to you on a personal level. And through marketing your firm through social media, you will be able to connect with the potential clients.

ENX2 Marketing’s award-winning social media marketing has gotten noticed by some large law firms and our ability to target the right clients through a mixture of organic and promoted means cannot be matched.

And what should you do about a lawyer who may have gone too far on their own personal social media account? We have a solution for that.

Search Engine Optimization

There is no guarantee to make your website number one on Google. What you need is a search engine optimization company that promises a better ROI. And that’s ENX2. We will continuously maintain your website by adding and updating content, make sure the structure is sound, and monitor daily to make sure no errors arise. We know what your perfect client is looking for and we will optimize your page specifically for that client.

We also know how important online directories are for lead generation. That’s why we take the time to go to each site and update your profile with your latest biography and accolades. In addition, we have contacts with Chambers and Partners, Thomson Reuters, Martin-Hubbell, and Best Lawyers to help with any advertising you may want to do.

ChambersThomson ReutersSuper LawyersMartindale Hubbell

Stellar Graphic Design Work for Law Firms

In addition to providing you graphics for your website and social media accounts, we also have handled banner ads, billboard designs, logo recreation, and advertisements. Our graphic design work has been featured in US World & News Report, the National Law Journal, the American Lawyer, Corporate Counsel, and Super Lawyers magazine.

Become a Firm on the Rise With ENX2 Marketing

We believe the client is always front and center. If you need a lawyer marketing team who can whip your law firm’s digital marketing into shape then look no further. Contact us now and let’s talk.

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