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Embrace the idea that graphic design needs to be in your life.

Graphic design is such an important part of the marketing process and a humongous part of everyday life. It is everything from the wrapper of your candy bar to the cover of your favorite magazine to even the look of your website. Anything portrayed visually — whether it be textual or visual — falls under the category of graphic design.

If your company wants to be more than a blank white page, you need to embrace the idea that graphic design needs to be in your life. And that’s something Scranton graphic design company ENX2 Marketing can help with.

Our team has the creativity, flexibility, and education to create the best visual components to portray the right message about your business. Whether you’re looking to re-brand yourself entirely or just need a few ad banners for PPC remarketing purposes, ENX2 can create the look you’ve been searching for. From print advertisements to logos to even billboard design, our team can give your law firm the visual components it needs to really shine in today’s marketplace.

Logo Design/ReDesign

Did you create your logo quickly on one of those free logo generators? Or maybe you have an idea but don’t have the technique or the know-how to create your logo. Perhaps it’s sketched out hastily on a napkin. If you want to see your logo come alive, that’s where our graphic designers come in. With the latest graphic design technology along with our large imaginations, we can make a logo that accurately represents your company. Remember, your logo is how your customers will remember and recognize your products. After all, can you imagine Nike without its swoosh? So you want a logo that stands out from the crowd and we can do that for you.

Digital Ad Banners

Why pay thousands of dollars for a Flash banner when that technology is no longer displayed properly on many web browsers? What you need is a well-designed, eye-catching HTML5 ad banner that will get you the results you need. And we’re just the team that can create that banner for you without you having to break the bank. When it comes to web banners, it’s all about the message delivery. Our graphic designers know how to draw a potential customer’s focus, keep it there, and give you the ROI that you need.

Web Graphics

Need a cover for your Facebook page? Just can’t get the right dimensions for your YouTube Channel cover art? It can be hard to make a web graphics pop, especially among all the competition out there. But with the right chemistry of imagination, creativity, and technology, you’ll have a great-looking Facebook page that will be the envy of your competitors.

Print/Ad Design

Not everything needs to be digitalized. With a long background in the print media industry, our expertise can be a huge benefit to your traditional marketing methods. We can create a sophisticated yet stunning print advertisement that is sure to get noticed.

If you are looking for a graphic design team to rock your designs, you’ve come to the right place. Contact ENX2 Marketing today and let’s see what we can do to help you out.

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