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Legal marketing can be difficult, especially when you hire a marketing company that just doesn’t understand the law. What you need is a team that understands the complexities of the law and can help your clients learn more about your practice. Learn the latest news headlines, tips, and tricks to law firm marketing in today’s world.

Facebook, Don’t Go Breaking My Legal Marketing Heart

In light of all of the news surrounding Facebook and data privacy, law firms and legal marketers who advertise their services on Facebook are wondering if their information is safe. Last week, Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, testified before Congress in regards to the Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal, in which more than 87 million Facebook […]

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Legal Marketing: A Millennial’s Perspective

After a short hiatus from the ENX2 Blog, I am back! And, I have great news. I’ve been promoted to Social Media Manager. YAAASSS! Back to business. This week, I wanted to write about legal marketing. But, not your normal fact-filled, legal marketing article. This is going to be a millennial’s perspective (that’s me!) of […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: Gotta Have a Content Marketing Plan, Stan

A few weeks ago, a survey was released that took a look at the state of legal marketing in the U.S. The researchers interviewed in-house counsel from law firms across the nation and asked them a simple question — Are you suffering from information overload? A whopping 96 percent say that not only were they […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: Get Thee on Social Media Now!

The results of an interesting survey by FindLaw came out recently that should have all lawyers paying attention. According to the survey, the majority of consumers, at least 54 percent, say they are more likely to hire an attorney who has an active presence on social media than a lawyer who isn’t. This is especially […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: Staying Personable is Important to Clients

You never realize just how valuable contacting someone for help can be until the option is taken away from you. Take what happened to me this week. I’ve been a Facebook user almost 10 years now and have been using it for business purposes for about half that time. I’ve never had any trouble with […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: There’s No “I” in Teamwork

This past week, I completed something extraordinary. Well, for me anyway. A few months ago, a friend of mine had urged me to join her team for Mudderella, a 5ish-mile mud run for women featuring about 11 to 13 obstacles that focused not only on your strength and capabilities but working with others to reach […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: Google Isn’t The Only Name In the Search Engine Game

Just yesterday, we all woke up to the news that Verizon had bought Yahoo for $4.83 billion. With this new purchase and its acquisition of AOL in 2015, Verizon has just thrown its hat in the ring to become a “top global mobile media company.” And it certainly looks like Verizon on its way – […]

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Legal Marketing: Fare Thee Well to Organic Reach on Facebook

Anyone’s law firm that has a business page on Facebook knows that something has changed in the last couple of years. We’ve all seen our organic reach plummet, where posts that usually got more than 100 or 200 reach are now only being seen by a handful of people. In order for people to even […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: As Dory Would Say, “Just Keep Updating” Your Website

In the spirit of Disney’s new movie, “Finding Dory,” I’m going to borrow her favorite catch phrase, “Just keep swimming,” with one little change. Instead of swimming, I’m going to say, “Just keep updating.” Your website, I mean. Just keep updating your website. Here’s what I’m talking about. See if this sounds familiar: You’re a […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: A Microsite Can Work…If You Do It Right

For years now, SEO experts have been arguing that having multiple websites and domains for your business can be bad for you, SEO-wise. Not only are these additional websites filled with duplicate content, something that Google does not appreciate, but they can easily confuse a potential customer. But there are benefits to having a well-built […]

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