The NFL season hasn’t even started yet, and already at ENX2 Marketing, there is trash talking between the Patriots fan and, well everyone else, because that’s how it goes, right?

The ENX2 Marketing team is competitive. Very. Competitive. Not only when we work, but when we play. Especially when Barrels of Monkeys are on the line.

July 26, 2019, the team participated in the 4th Annual Young Professionals Kickball Tournament at Kirby Park in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The event was hosted by the Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber Of Commerce, with proceeds benefiting YMCA Children’s Programs.

The Lineup:

Head Coach: “The Visionary” aka Nicole Farber
Assistant Coach: “Wonder Woman” aka Wendy Lindars

  1. Pitcher: “Magic Mike” aka Mike Hollos
  2. Center Field: “The Killshot” aka Emily Sutton
  3. Short Stop: “Slush Daddy P” aka Phill Trout 
  4. Short Field: “The Contractor” aka Allen Bascomb 
  5. Third Base: “Bear Horse” aka Logan Godfrey 
  6. Left Field: “Red Robyn” aka Robyn Snyder 
  7. First Base: “The Flash” aka Jeff Mirro
  8. Catcher: “Doc Trauma” aka Keith Stevenson
  9. Right Field: “The Underdog” aka Mariah Curtis
  10. Second Base: “Yogi The Bear” aka Nick Insignia 

The Highlights:

There were plays worthy of SportsCenter such as “The Killshot’s” torso-twisting catch that rivaled Odell Beckham Jr., and even garnered praise and congratulations from the opposing team. There was also “Slush Daddy P’s” inside-the-park home run which speculators believe is likely to earn him a place in the Kirby Park Hall Of Fame. Also warranting accolades was the quiet one, whose secret yet explosive speed turned heads, broke hearts, and earned him the new nickname of “The Flash.” Honorable mentions (as per yours truly) for outstanding defensive plays included “The Contractor” and “Yogi The Bear.” 

In round one, ENX2 Marketing managed to hold the fierce rally of Coal Creative at bay and put up the win. In round two, in a painful and stunning loss during sudden-death kickoff overtime, the journey of ENX2 Marketing through the tournament bracket was terminated.

The Keys To The Game:

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an industry leader, don’t forget to set an example to give back to charity and those in need, whether it be in-kind, financially, or both. It is the right thing to do, and it is an ideal opportunity to generate positive exposure for your mission statement and your brand.


Do your research. Successful businesses conduct ongoing landscape analyses of their competition, and you can be sure your competitors are doing the same. It isn’t enough to just know who is your competition. Things change. Rapidly. Especially within the digital world, so be sure to stay on top of how that competitive landscape is changing, and how you may need to adjust to avoid being terminated from the tournament.


It goes without saying that you will not have sustained success without teamwork. But actions speak louder than words, so make sure you truly practice what you preach. Lip service is as valuable as that macho man who is in the stands at a hockey game and furiously bangs on the glass to taunt players. 

Don’t just claim or assume you have synergy among your team. You need to measure and evaluate team performance not only in objective ways such as output and profitability, but also subjectively in terms of client satisfaction and, yes, team members’ happiness. For the latter, Barrels of Monkeys go a long way.


Know the rules, stay updated, and adapt. During game one of kickball, “leading” off the base was permitted; during the next game, it was not. But there’s no crying in kickball, so learn, adjust, and comply.

The S.W.O.T. Team

You best know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, because you can bet your battalion that your opponents are collecting as much intel about your company as possible. Conducting a S.W.O.T. analysis is just the first part of the equation, as that identifies your strong and weak points. The next step is to take action; leverage your strengths, improve your weaknesses, and know when and how to ask for help and bring in some backup. Then lather, rinse, repeat, at least annually.

Expect The Unexpected

One of my finest lessons in higher learning and in life goes back to the mid-90s. No, it wasn’t the epiphany that overalls, hypercolor t-shirts, and fanny packs are contraband, although any of those would be noble guesses. It was one of my most challenging and rewarding classes at King’s College, Professional Selling. (I’m getting heart palpitations as I write this.) You see, in this class, there were mock scenarios where each student was required to conduct, on a stage in front of the entire class, a sales presentation with a “prospect” (a classmate chosen by Professor Chris Alexander) to play that role. 

But here’s the gloriously terrifying twist: At any point, the “unexpected” could happen. Someone could spontaneously burst into song during the presentation. In my case, I was acting as a pharmaceutical sales representative, and the “doctor” to whom I was presenting was incredibly rude and would cut me off and interrupt me. In some other cases, nothing happened. Just. Like. Real. Life. 

What does a dancer do when a step is missed? What does an actor do when a line is dropped? What does an athlete do when a fall happens? They. Keep. Going.


Courtesy of my father, one of the first lessons I learned as a mini-me in softball was, when you make contact with the ball, you must do all of the following:

  1. Run as if a lion is chasing you.
  2. Keep your eyes on your destination; do NOT watch the ball.
  3. Follow through and after touching first base, run through the base.

Translation? Keep your mind on what matters, avoid unnecessary distractions, and finish what you start. One of the worst things you can do is come out of the gates blazing with a robust social media presence and then allow it go silent or stale; if you let things die on the vine, you will be crushed [yes, like grapes] in no time.

The Bottom Line:

No, we didn’t win the tournament. But we left everything on that field and played our hearts out. And after all of the mud, sweat, and cheers, each of us reaped the coveted reward…Barrels Of Monkeys all around! And win or lose, after each of our two games, we lined up. In a conga line. Just kidding. But we did line up, like true professionals, and shook hands with our opponents. Therein lies the final lesson: No matter what, stay humble, stay classy, and protect your rep. 

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