When you write a blog post, your work isn’t done once you post it. Writing a blog post is only a fraction of the work you need to do. While a lot of time and effort goes into creating a new blog post, all of this could be wasted if you overlook promoting it. Posting a blog and hoping that people will come to it on their own is overly-wishful thinking that could be what keeps you from achieving your content marketing goals. Fortunately, there are various ways you can promote your business’s blog to drive traffic to your content.

Here are some of the best ways to promote your blog.

Optimize Your Content

An optimized blog post is essential to help it bring in as much organic traffic as possible. Before you even post your blog content, you need to ensure that it’s SEO-friendly. A large percentage of online traffic comes from organic searches, so you need to do everything you can to help your blog post rank as highly as it can.

Not only should this be something you do before posting a new blog, but you need to continuously monitor how your content performs and optimize it over time. Even if a blog post starts out strong, how it ranks can change, so you need to keep investing in your content.

Share Content on Social Media

You should always be sharing your content on various social media platforms. People following your business’s social media accounts are already interested in and familiar with you. This means there’s a great chance that your followers will be the people who want to see your content the most. However, they might not have a reason to check your website for new content often. A social media post shows them you have a new blog that they might benefit from reading.

While sharing content on social media gives you another way to stay engaged and connected with your current audience, it also helps you reach new audiences. Your posts aren’t limited to only your current followers and could expose your business to many new people who could be interested in your content. This is especially true if you have loyal followers who value your content enough to share it for their own followers to see.

Build Links to Blog Content

Link building is a great way to drive new users to your content and help with SEO in other ways. Since you’ve earned these links on other websites, people will also naturally see you as a trustworthy source of information. Backlinks from other sites can help bring someone else’s traffic to your content that might not have come to you otherwise. Trust can be difficult for a business to gain, so showing that other businesses value your insight enough to share a link to it can help.

Including internal links to your content throughout your website can be valuable for you and your users. This is an easy way to get people who are already on your website to wander even further and visit your other pages and posts. Linking to relevant content helps users find additional content that goes along with what they’re already interested in, so they could be more likely to read through related blog posts.

Invest in Paid Ads

If you want to drive traffic quickly and to a targeted audience, paid ads are likely your best option. One of the best benefits of paid ads online and on social media is that they can reach a much bigger audience. Paid ads also allow you to promote your content to very specific groups of people, so you can tailor it to the audience that needs it the most.

Getting paid ads also doesn’t need to come at a huge cost. Paid ads are available for even businesses with a small budget, so you don’t need to worry about spending a fortune to prompt your blog. For those who want to ensure their marketing efforts reach the right people, paid ads are a great choice.

Write a Guest Blog

Writing content on your business’s blog isn’t the only way to promote it. Instead, you should consider writing guest blogs on other websites. These websites have audiences of their own that you might not have had access to. When you contribute to a blog with an existing audience, you’re increasing your reach and visibility. This audience already trusts the blog, so posting with them could be more effective than a blog post on your own website that they aren’t familiar with.

If you can create valuable, high-quality content, you also benefit the website you’re guest blogging for. This is one piece of content they won’t need to do themselves, but they still get the benefits of having new content on their site. Likewise, welcoming thought leaders in your industry to publish a post on your blog can also help you reach new audiences.

Send Blog Content in Email Newsletters

If you aren’t already taking advantage of email marketing, you should be. Email marketing gives you a great avenue to reach your audience directly. Whether they’ve been using your business for years or are new leads still looking for some introductory, email newsletters can give everyone what they want.

While there’s plenty you can add to an email newsletter, this is the perfect opportunity to get your latest and more relevant blog posts in front of people. If someone has already given you their email address, you know they’re already at least slightly interested in learning about what your business is up to. This makes them the perfect people to send your newest blogs to, as there’s a good chance they’ll read them.

Get a Digital Marketing Agency That Can Do It All

Posting blogs regularly is already more than businesses can handle on their own. When you consider all the other work that goes into ensuring content is performing the best it can, it only gets harder. Many businesses don’t have the support they need for this in-house, which means you need a digital marketing agency that can do it for you. At ENX2 Marketing, we can do all of this and more for your business.

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