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It’s easy to get left behind in the digital marketing world. With website design, SEO, content marketing, social media, and PPC advertising, it can change at a whim. But ENX2 Marketing has you covered. Learn the latest news and trends happening in digital marketing these days and get your business going in the right direction.

The Saga of The Sand: When You Are Stuck in Your Marketing Efforts, What Do You Do?

A few months ago, the ENX2 Crew had gone on a work retreat slash vacation together. A client of ours had kindly allowed us to stay at her vacation rental mansion in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, for a full week and we gladly accepted. As Nicole would say, we were truly blessed with the […]

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A Digital Marketer’s Look into St. Patrick’s Day

Whether it’s wearing green or going to an Irish bar to have a few pints of Guinness, Americans love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There are parades and a slew of holiday-related events that take place across the country during the month of March. Based on all of the experiences I’ve had celebrating St. Patrick’s […]

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A Scouting Combine For Digital Marketers

If you have read any of my articles, you have probably noticed that I like to write about two things besides digital marketing topics. Those would be Star Wars and sports. The NFL Scouting Combine is one of the hottest takes in the sports world right now, and I thought it would be interesting to […]

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Your Brand Needs the BEST LOGO EVER

Designing a logo for your business is simple, right? Think again! A logo is your brand’s visual identity. While using one of those free logo generator websites might be a quick and easy option if you need something on the fly, perfecting your logo with the help of an expert logo designer will help your […]

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Marketing with Memes: Yes, You Read That Right

Memes. You love them. You share them with your friends, and you get a good laugh out of them. They’re everywhere in every corner of the digital world. Whether it’s spoofing a famous moment or making fun of an infamous sports play, memes are a constant part of the online experience. They are practically an […]

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The Super Bowl is a Marketer’s Dream

My favorite time of the year is only days away. It’s the day that the New England Patriots add another Lombardi Trophy to their collection. I’m kidding (not really). I’m talking about the Super Bowl! If it wasn’t obvious above, I’m pulling for the Patriots when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around in the coming days. […]

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A New Marketing Tool: Virtual Reality

When it comes to digital marketing, there are hundreds of tools businesses use to promote their vision with fans, customers, and clients. As the future keeps progressing, so do the tools marketers use. Social media platforms, Google analytics, and graphic design programs to name a few. But, it’s time to start thinking about how an […]

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Why Does Holiday Marketing Begin So Early?

Halloween was only days ago, and Thanksgiving is still some time away, but holiday advertising and marketing campaigns are in full force, especially Christmas. In fact, they are already annoying (me) to the point of nausea. And, that’s not even the most obnoxious part. For the last few years, stores have been “holiday-fying” their shelves […]

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Stories Matter: Why Storytelling is Important in Marketing

Growing up, I was a shy kid. I didn’t make friends easily and as a loner, I always preferred to keep my own company. But I got bored easily. So I began creating stories, first in my head and then finally sitting down in front of our old Apple IIe computer. Many an afternoon, I […]

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Choosing the Right Target Audience

When a new business, big or small, starts trying to figure out what kind of customers they want to have, they often think of trying to have something (a product or service) for everyone. While that is a pleasant thought, you can’t have something for everyone because everyone isn’t your customer. Your business is going […]

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