πŸ˜‚ Β That is so funny!

😍  I love it!

😴 Β I’m exhausted.

The younger generation has found the easiest way to communicate as fast as possible: through pictures. Well, not necessarily pictures, but emojis. As exampled above, nine words were condensed to three emojis. The beauty of it? Every single person would know what each one meant immediately.

We, as humans, process visual information 60,000 times faster than text. This must be why 75 percent of πŸ‘¨ and 84 percent of πŸ‘© prefer expressing their emotions through emojis than words. I, personally, have held long conversations just through the use of emojis. We have such a variety of emojis to choose from, it’s not difficult to create a message just in pictures now.

What does this mean for marketing, though? We know this changes the way consumers interact with each other, but how does it change how we, as brands, communicate with our consumers? Well, according to Email Marketing Daily, the use of emojis in digital marketing has increased 775 percent year-over-year and 20 percent from month-to-month in 2016. This must mean brands are beginning to adapt to this new form of communication in a way that their consumers can relate to. But which consumers?

Obviously, millennials are the ones most using emojis in their everyday lives. In fact, 40 percent not only use emojis but actually prefer to communicate through pictures rather than words in everyday life. This means emoji is becoming its own language. For brands, it is the same as being bilingual. If we can speak emoji, we can communicate with an entire population group. Especially since emoji is considered the fastest growing language.

Just last month, brands sent 800 million emoji messages to consumers. The best way for brands to correctly engage their consumers with emojis is through SMS or social media, according to 65 percent of millennials. This profiles brands as fun and relatable, which is important to millennials, since they are the most brand loyal generation.

One particular brand that used emojis particularly well was Dominos. In May, Dominos introduced an easier way to order pizza. A consumer would set up an Easy Order account, complete with normal order preferences and payment information. Then, whenever they had a craving for Dominos, all they would have to do would be tweet πŸ•to Dominos and respond yes to a confirmation text. This got rid of the hassle of having to input information every time their customers wanted pizza.

Marketing is constantly evolving to include all new societal fads. Brands started using all social media, including Snapchat and Vine, and now have started to evolve even within those social media outlets. It is imperative, at this point, that brands begin to adapt to this new trend before they are left behind.

ENX2 Marketing has adopted this new form of emoji marketing and is excited to help any brands that have yet to do the same. If your company is in need of emoji assistance, pick up the πŸ“ž and contact ENX2 Marketing today.