You’re probably reading this right now because you use social media for your business. Social media marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing that uses very little money compared to more traditional forms of outreach and has the potential to reach a much larger audience.

Most people are using social media for enjoyment, to stay in touch with others, and to keep current on what’s going on in the world. Unless your business is looking to target other businesses, you’re probably looking to reach out to regular people who might want to buy your product or use your services. Those people who use social media to stay in touch with friends, share silly YouTube videos, and post pictures of what they ate for lunch are your target audience.

When hyping up your company on social media, you might wonder, “What goes through the minds of my audience?”  Well, look no further. Data that was collected by Dubai web design company Go-Gulf shows exactly what the average member of Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus are most interested in seeing in their news feed, and most importantly, what they’re most inclined to share.

As a business looking to reach a large audience, you want what you post to be shared as much as possible, reaching a larger audience and a wider demographic. Here are some tips for getting the most views and shares on what you post.

Most people on Facebook LOVE to share pictures, whether it be of a moment in their life or a picture shared by a page they follow. Other popular Facebook posts are a commentary on daily activities, links to articles, and shared videos from YouTube or other websites.
Including media within your Facebook posts is a great way to get the views, likes, and shares you’re looking for. Posts with pictures or videos get much more shares than a post of just text. You want your message spread across Facebook to get the exposure you’re looking for, and to do so, you need something visually stimulating.

Google Plus
Google Plus users are similar to Facebook users. They are also more drawn to posts involving photos and videos. In addition to sharing links to articles, Google Plus users are more likely to share links to blogs. If you write blogs for your business as we do at ENX2 Marketing, you probably want them to be read (we’re just guessing). The Google Plus Audience is more likely to be receptive to the blogs you post online, and you have a better chance of getting the views you’re looking for.

Twitter users are not as visual as Facebook and Google Plus users. They are just as interested in pictures as they are in comments about daily activities. Twitter users are fine with textual descriptions of someone’s daily happenings or opinions and would prefer this to a link to an article or video.

Across all social media, the most shared content is content that supports causes or issues the user cares about, and that creates happiness and laughter. Any post that makes the user feel as though they are part of something bigger, like supporting a cause or learning about a piece of world news, is more likely to be shared across the internet.

How does that translate into marketing for your business? Use social media to talk about causes that are important to your company, news that relates to the field you’re in, and make sure to post content about your products or services that makes your audience feel good about what you’re offering them.

Need help figuring out how to navigate the complex world of social media? Never fear, ENX2 Marketing is here to help. If your business needs a social media boost, contact us today for a free 20-minute consultation on what we can contribute to your company.