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Who doesn’t love going on social media to find out what their friends are up to? Actually, social media can be a great promotional tool for your business, as well as help with the SEO. But what can you possibly post on these sites? We got you covered. Learn the latest news headlines, tips, and tricks to social media marketing in today’s business world.

Are 280 Character Tweets Good or Bad? Does It Even Matter?

As most of the social media world has heard by now, Twitter has decided to test out tweets that are 280 characters, doubling from their original 140 characters. Their goal was to eliminate the restraints that kept people from tweeting more frequently. While this isn’t a mainstay for most users, Twitter is rotating through a […]

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Is Social Media to Blame for an Increase in Political Bias?

Politics is just about a part of every platform nowadays. I mean every platform. It has even found its way into sports, which I thought was darn near impossible to do. You’re probably thinking to yourself: “Here we go… Another 20-something year old hotshot writing about a country he barely knows.” You’re wrong. I want […]

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“Oh No She Didn’t!”: Got a Social Media Crisis on Your Hands?

Sometimes, a company or organization will run into trouble. It can be a simple gaffe – a mistaken statement or action. Maybe something happened at your place of business, a college campus, in your parking lot, or other instances where you are receiving backlash. Or it can be a huge problem, like a lawsuit slapped […]

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The Power of One Voice: Influencer Marketing

Earlier this week, Forbes ran an article on influencer marketing and how it will dominate social media marketing in 2017. The article states that in a recent report it showed that 66 percent of marketers are adding this to their marketing strategy, and “50% of brands will significantly increase their investment in 2017.” Wow. That’s […]

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Trending Now: Social Media Trends in 2017

It’s been a rough ride for social media in 2016. Twitter keeps losing executives as growth stalls. Facebook had to deal with page view issues and viral fake news stories. And Instagram had to deal with some harsh competition from Snapchat. And really, Google Plus is still around?! So what’s the future hold of social […]

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I Saw The News Today, Oh Boy: Fake News Sites and SEO

It seems like everyone is trying to find a reason why Trump was elected president. Many reasons have been batted around by the media such as the FBI reopening the Benghazi email scandal a week before the election, the Democrats dropping the ball, and voters looking for a change. But one reason sparked my interest […]

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Dogs and Cats Living Together: The Social Media Insanity Following the Presidential Election

Please note: Wendy Lindars’ opinions does not reflect that of ENX2 Marketing, its management, or its employees. We all woke up to a country that’s gone insane. At least that’s what it looks like on social media this morning. In the wee hours of the morning, Donald Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 […]

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Legal Marketing Lessons: Get Thee on Social Media Now!

The results of an interesting survey by FindLaw came out recently that should have all lawyers paying attention. According to the survey, the majority of consumers, at least 54 percent, say they are more likely to hire an attorney who has an active presence on social media than a lawyer who isn’t. This is especially […]

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2016 Presidential Election: Who is Winning the Digital Marketing Campaign?

We’re close to the finish line, people. The candidates have been picked. The campaign machine is working overtime. Debates have been set and the voters are….well, they’re not happy. Finally, this crazy train we’ve all been on for the past two years called “the 2016 presidential election” has finally reached the peak. It’s all downhill […]

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat: Which Will You Choose?

It’s been a competition of the social media sites for a while now. But since Instagram Stories premiered this week, the competition is getting even more stiff. It’s a question whether Instagram or Snapchat was in the lead prior to the launch, but since, it seems Instagram has pulled ahead. Let’s analyze just how to […]

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