Designing a logo for your business is simple, right? Think again! A logo is your brand’s visual identity. While using one of those free logo generator websites might be a quick and easy option if you need something on the fly, perfecting your logo redesign with the help of an expert logo designer will help your brand now and into the future.

The first impression that someone has with a brand is most often seeing their logo. Your logo will impact a client’s or consumer’s perception of your brand and affect the attitude of a person who is interacting with what you’re offering to them. That can even be a young child. According to a piece from Adweek, a five-year-old can deduce what a company sells just by recognizing a logo.

Even when I was a young child, I could recognize certain logos by not what the business was, but rather how the logo made me feel. The Toys”R”Us logo made me swell up with excitement as a kid. Before I understood that Toys”R”Us was a toy store, I interpreted the logo as an image of the place that I would get rewarded with toys if I did something good. Another example of the same reasoning is the Coca-Cola logo. My young mind associated it with drinking something delicious and sweet, not necessarily the company itself.

I digress. But for those who are contemplating creating a logo for a new business or redesigning a logo for a struggling business, here are three tips on designing the BEST LOGO EVER.

Uniqueness for Your Logo Redesign

It’s important that your logo stands out from those of competitors. Your focus on logo design or logo redesign should not always be about using something that is currently popular. If you end up going that route, it might be considered a plagiaristic act depending on how similar it is to another brand’s design.

Creating a personalized logo that is different is your best bet. You should want something that no other brand has. Don’t just put a company’s name in a box. Think outside of the hypothetical box if you have too! Your creativity is better than that.


Like I said earlier, your logo is most often a person’s first impression of your brand. Its purpose is to reach a specific audience you’re targeting. Before you even think about design or redesign, jot down ideas of what you think about the brand. Ultimately, you want your logo to reflect those ideas.

You might want to ask these questions about your brand when contemplating your new logo:

  • Fun or serious?
  • Modern or traditional?
  • Energetic or unanimated?
  • Personable or corporate?

These are not only questions you should be asking when considering a new logo but questions that you should always be asking about your brand and workplace culture.


This one is my favorite. The color of your logo is essential to the reaction of your audience. According to the study of color psychology, colors can have a certain influence on a person. In terms of marketing and branding, color and the color of your logo can influence your target audiences’ reactions and perceptions about what you’re offering.

This isn’t the first time ENX2 Marketing has focused on color psychology’s impact on marketing. Here is a two-part series about using color to define your brand:

And if that’s not enough, here’s a visual breakdown of what emotions and feelings certain colors can influence:

Color Marketing Breakdown ENX2

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