Part One of Two

The way the brain is affected by color is a fascinating science. When creating your brand and defining it with a logo, the color you pick sends a message to your intended audience.

Your logo is the center of all things related to your company. The physical building, website, social media accounts, and merchandise will all correspond to the logo that defines your brand, and the colors in that logo will provide the guidelines.

So, how do you pick the colors that are going to provide the best response from your consumers? Psychologists often make blanket statements about the reactions people have to each particular color, but the truth is that everyone reacts differently to stimuli based on their personal experiences. Each individual has their own unique life experiences and preferences when it comes to color.

We don’t believe there are any hard and steadfast rules that govern how you design your company’s image but simply refer to these guidelines when creating a look that suits the company we’re marketing.

How colors can influence consumers:

RED – If you’ve eaten out recently, you’ve probably encountered a restaurant that used the color red to brand itself. Especially with fast food, restaurants often use red because it’s said to stimulate appetite. It is also a demanding color that stimulates viewers, which makes it perfect for fast food. Not only are you hungry, but your hunger is URGENT. Add this high-energy color to your company’s design if you work in the restaurant business, or if you’d just like to create a sense of urgency and alertness with your brand. Famous red logos: Target, KFC, Dairy Queen, Nintendo, part of the McDonald’s logo.

GREEN – This is a color associated with nature and health and, in some cases, money. Green is a calm color that is often used to promote environmentally friendly products or products you can use in the wilderness. This color often symbolizes peace and tranquility, making it great for companies who want to encourage a relaxed environment. If you’re an eco-friendly clothing store, a peaceful coffee house or a company that sells camping equipment, using green is a definite must. Famous green logos: Starbucks, Whole Foods, John Deere.

BLACK – Black is a powerful tool when you’re creating your brand’s logo. Black can be used as a typical accent color, or black can be the main event. This color is associated with strength and intensity. It can also be used to create a minimalistic effect, like a website entirely done in black and white. When used too much, it can overwhelm – so unless your business is running a haunted house, make sure you don’t overdo it! Black can be used to create a sense of strength for a business that revolves around fitness, or a sleek and sexy vibe for high-end fashion companies. Famous black logos: Adidas, Chanel, US Army, Playboy.

Remember that these are just guidelines, and you should always make the choices you believe are right for your company. Let your creativity shine and choose the color combinations that are expressive of you and your company.

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