Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming, my allergies are in full swing. And with all of these lovely seasonal changes, many of us in the digital marketing sphere are thinking about the ways we can improve our client’s (and our own) content marketing strategy. While for those of us in the ENX2 crew, we’ll be dialing into legal trends, business plans, and target market goals. We know that some of our readers may be looking for input on how to take their content to the next level. Take a look at the 5 ways you can improve your content marketing strategy!

#1. Complete a target market analysis.

Part of a successful content marketing strategy is knowing what your actual goals are. Seems simple, right? But when we’re all gathering in conference rooms (or Zoom calls as the case may be), we can talk about goals and reaching set metrics, but if the entire team isn’t looped in on what those end goals are, your strategy is bound to fail.

But a target market analysis can help.

For example, right now in family law, many separated parents are juggling the change in child custody schedules as summer approaches. The experienced family law attorney is making a mental note of this and preparing for a slight increase in custody calls and modification plans. Seems fair enough.

But that same law firm, instead of focusing on a content marketing strategy that highlights their ability to navigate changes in child custody schedules, has highlighted divorce. Sure, the firm may get a lead or two from this divorce-specific content, but they are missing out on the clients who really need their experience in child custody.

How could this have been avoided? A target market analysis.

This should be a list of all of your services, markets, cases, etc. Then, you should make notes of who is seeking those services and when. This is simple demographic information like age, sex, industry, etc. If you do a simple five minutes exercise in preparation for the next month, you’ll save yourself and your marketing team a lot of time.

#2. Take the results of the analysis and see where your clients are.

We can write beautiful blog posts and uplifting pages, stellar social media, etc., but if it’s not landing in front of the clientele it needs to, it’s all for not.

But it doesn’t take a lot of time to figure out where these clients are. If you completed the target market analysis, you can easily plan and plug away! Pew Research recently published a handy-dandy social media by the numbers guide of where certain sectors are hanging out and consuming information.

#3. Make a list of where you need to be posting content and then make a content list.

People really miss the mark here, and I think it’s because it sounds counterintuitive. But hear me out.

Each week, I do SEO analysis for each of the clients I work with. I track where they are ranking on Google, what queries they appear for, and where their leads are coming from. From there I make a list of topics I can write for the week for them. Then, I decide if the topics warrant a new webpage, a revision to an existing piece of content, or a blog post, etc.

Once I create my “core content” so to speak, I am able to share my research with our social media team who then incorporates that information into their posting schedule, too.

But it works better when we know where things need to be! If I know a client’s YouTube channel is really picking up views, I may decide for that week to ride the wave and do a video transcript and post it as a blog. Or perhaps, we know we have a slight increase in ad spend so we decide to come up with an entire package for the practice area, service, etc., that the client needs for that month.

Working together with more than just your writers is what really makes the content strategy go further.

#4. Don’t forget the basics of quality content.

Half the battle of a content marketing strategy is in the planning. Once you have a roadmap to follow, the hard work is done–so long as you don’t forget the basics of quality content.

Need a refresher? Take a look at these content marketing trends that can help aid in your overall digital strategy.


It’s easy for me to tell you, “Yeah, no biggie, putting together a content marketing strategy is a piece of cake,” if that piece of cake is full of data and statistics and industry models and trends. But luckily, the content marketing team at ENX2 lives for that stuff. To be honest, we think it’s delicious. So don’t wait! Give us a call today!