It’s NaNoWriMo! Or, for those who don’t know what this means, National Novel Writing Month. For an entire month, wannabe novel writers will sit down in front of their favorite writing device and pound a thrilling story for all the world to see. The goal for this month is to write 50,000 words in one month, essentially a novel. If you know anyone who is attempting this task, wish them luck!

We bring this up not because we’re expecting you to go out and write a novel this month. In fact, we would like to challenge to something else – write one perfect blog post this month. Sounds easy, right? Well, not for everyone. But don’t worry, we can give you some pointers.

If you search for “tips for writing blog posts,” you’re going to find hundreds of websites out there telling you the same tips for writing that perfect blog. And we can give you a bunch of tips (and have in the past) on writing a blog. But in our opinion, writing a blog post can be just like writing a novel. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. You need to plan it out. For instance, you need to know what your topic is going to be, your opinion on the topic, and how you plan to approach it. Sometimes an outline can do wonders.
  2. A blog needs a beginning, a middle, and an end. The beginning should introduce your plot. The middle is your climax, or as writers like to say, the plot begins to thicken. And finally, your ending should have a conclusion. How does your plot end?
  3. You need a hook. What’s going to get people interested in this blog? For instance, if you’re writing about a current event and its impact on your business, you may want to create a scenario of how this even is affecting your business.
  4. End with a call-to-action. Ok, maybe this part has nothing to do with novel writing. But you should always have a call-to-action somewhere in your blog. Just one sentence will do.

So in the spirit of all those wannabe novel writers out there, get out there and write a blog post! And if you get stuck, maybe we can help (See? A call-to-action). Contact ENX2 Marketing today to schedule a site consultation.