Podcasts are long-form pieces of digital media, where people talk about a subject or subjects for informational or entertainment purposes. They range in length, being anywhere from a few minutes long, to a few hours. They can be about anything, with the most successful podcasts having a theme or topic they regularly cover. They can be audio-only, and they can be in video format too, even at the same time.

You can create them via any voice recording software. If the people talking on the podcast are in the same place, you can easily use the voice recorder that comes installed on most computers. Otherwise, you can use most video conferencing services, like Zoom, which have recording capabilities. We at ENX2 prefer to use Iris.fm for its ability to record separate videos for each person by themselves and altogether on screen. From there, you can upload your podcast through a podcasting site for Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or for free on YouTube.

The Power Behind a Podcast

The most important question has to be what’s the worth behind making a podcast. There are several reasons for legal marketers, in particular, to try and test them. To begin with, podcasts are a platform where you can tackle common questions and ideas you face every day. What if you had a database that you slowly accumulated all the answers to every question a client could ask you? What if you could create other pieces of content for your advertising and website by sitting to talk for one afternoon?

Not to mention, a podcast also formats it in a way that humanizes the podcasters in question. Podcasts are where you give answers on the spot. It’s harder to give anything less than honest answers when you’re having a conversation versus when you’re creating a pre-written video. You can only say what comes to you in the moment, or what your notes can help you to say.

Let’s be honest, media such as television and movies have not been kind to lawyers. It’s easy for them to villainize the practice, or at best, prompt one protagonist as the hero lawyer above all others. This can make it difficult for some people to trust a lawyer, and convince people to try going without one. A podcast is the kind of marketing content that a law firm can use to change a person’s mind. It’s an honest look into how people in your profession think and look at a case. 

One Stone, Many Birds

A podcast doesn’t just work as a podcast alone, you can use or turn a podcast into other pieces of content. This is can pertain to but is not limited to:

  • Short Videos: Say you answered a commonly asked question in a longer podcast episode. You can copy and paste that section of the podcast and use it for a short video or audio response. You can post it to YouTube or your website, and then when potential clients search for you, they can find the answer to their question before their consultation. 
  • Guides/FAQs: You can take the educational purposes a step further. If there’s a part of your podcast that’s worth transcribing, you can have the written word posted along with the video, turning it into a FAQ and guide for your firm.
  • Social Posts: Podcasts don’t have to be all work and business. It’s ultimately a conversation, and if someone says something funny, interesting, or profound, cut it into something small and post it on social media. Quick clips are perfect for social media sites like Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. This is the best way to capture that humanizing element of podcasting outside of a podcast itself.
  • Ads: The best ads on social media platforms are popular repurposed posts. The best of the social posts you make can make for awesome ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it. A few seconds or a minute of you talking about something you care passionately about endears you more to your potential clientele than any amount of words can.

Podcast with ENX2 Marketing

We already have several clients who have found success with utilizing podcasts in some form to gain new clients. Whether you want to just test the waters, beef up your FAQs, or create better social media content, podcasts can help you do that.

If using a podcast the way we described sounds daunting, then don’t worry, just contact ENX2. We’re experienced and ready to do all of this kind of work for you, to see you get the clients you want.