There’s nothing worse than going to a website to look something up and not finding the information you’re looking for. It happens more often than not. Some website developers are more interested in how the website looks or how it ranks on Google than whether it gives out the proper information to users.

It’s part of the SEO Bible: The quality of the website content matters more than anything else. After all, content is king. But what if there’s not enough content?

For instance, let’s say you just opened your first law firm. As a solo practitioner, you need to get your name out there in a hurry so you can compete with your more established competition. So you hire a marketing team and tell them to give you a great looking website that will rank high in search engines. And they do. But the customers aren’t coming in and your bounce rate is pretty high. You just spend thousands on a new website, why isn’t it bringing you business?

Well, the first thing you should look at is the website content. How much is there? A three-page website is not going to cut it. Nowadays, the majority of people are using the internet to research companies and if you have a website that’s only a front page with little text, that’s not going to cut it.

One of the newest rages in website design these days is the one-page website. Instead of having a multiple of pages full of what your business is about, it’s all on one, continuous front page. Sure there may be a navigation bar up top, but that navigation is coded so you can drop down to the information you want to see on the front page. How much can you possibly say on a continuous front page?

Every website should have the following pages:

  • A well-designed, informational front page that explains your company, your services, and provides a reason why a customer should hire you.
  • An about us page that goes into further detail about your company.
  • A couple of services pages that explains what your company does and gives the person a reason to become a customer.
  • A blog is always helpful, just to keep your website content fresh as well as allow your customers to know a little bit more about you as a business.
  • A contact us page that has all the specifics of how a person can get in touch with you.

Anything you add these pages is just icing on the cake. Remember, your website is not only a promotional tool for your business but it’s a source of information. People want to know who you are before working with you so help them out!

But how much website content is too much? Tune in for our next blog to find out.

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