So you create a great-looking website, you’ve been posting daily to your social media accounts, and you’ve been getting past customers to submit online reviews. But you’re still not getting people through the door. What could you be doing wrong?

Well, we hate to say it but maybe your digital marketing campaign isn’t working the way you want it to. Sure you’re doing the right moves, but take a quick look at your analytics. When you look at your website statistics, are you getting the page views you should be getting? And how are you doing on your social media advertising? Are you targeting the right audience? Are these questions confusing you more than making sense?

An important part of your digital marketing campaign, probably even more than creating content, is the tracking. You should spend at minimum once a week going over the statistics on your website and social media platforms to see if you’re getting the attention that you deserve. Sometimes it can be an eye-opening experience. Although that post you spend ten minutes creating that you thought was going to be the next viral meme? Turns out it only reached seven people. Or maybe that one web page that you spent a day researching content for hasn’t had a single view.

What could you possibly be doing wrong? In truth, you gotta spend money to make money.

The Wild West days of social media marketing are long over. No longer can you throw out a post for all your fans to see. Facebook has now created an algorithm for its users’ news feeds. This means that the potential clients you want to reach may never see your posts, unless you’re extremely popular. In fact, many of the people who like your page probably won’t even see your posts unless they go directly to your page. And watch out, Twitter will soon be following a similar model.

To get your name out there, you have to start creating a budget that includes money for ads. If the thought of spending money on digital ads makes you sweat, relax. In truth, buying an ad on Facebook is not only cheaper than placing an ad in the newspaper, but it will also reach a wider yet very specific audience. And you can track the numbers and see how it fairs.

And remember, your social media should be used as a gateway to your website. The more times you can promote your website on social media, the more you’ll see your website stats go up, improving your SEO and then improving your website’s search engine listing placement. It all rolls into one mess of success.

If you’re not sure how to even start going about creating ads, we can help. Contact us today for a consult and we’ll set you on the right path with top legal marketing from a legal marketing agency that knows how to conduct your social media campaign the right way.