When you think about marketing your business, you likely think about all the work that you or your marketing team needs to do to create the perfect messaging. While the way you choose to present your business and express the value it has to your audience is important, what you alone have to say about it isn’t always the most important thing. People also want to see social proof, sometimes referred to as informational social influence. This is a psychological phenomenon that shows how we’re influenced by the actions of others.

Social proof can help make your digital marketing strategy even more impactful and allow you to speak to your audience more effectively. But why, exactly, should you use it and how can you use it?

Why is Social Proof Important?

Every business wants to say that they offer the best services and products, which, in many cases, isn’t true. Many people are wary today of businesses and marketing tactics that make it seem like they’re only being sold to, rather than being offered something that can actually help them. This can happen even to businesses that do have value to offer to their audience if they aren’t careful. It can be difficult to gain consumers’ trust today, but there are various ways of doing so through marketing, including using social proof.

While social proof was relevant in marketing before the internet and social media, this has only made it much more important. We’re exposed to a huge amount of businesses marketing to us each day, and many of them can seem exactly the same. A growing number of people distrust businesses today for many reasons, making gaining their trust a difficult task. It’s understandable that people would be skeptical towards a business, especially one that impacts a serious part of our lives or comes with a big financial investment. One thing that can help set a business apart and attract an audience is showing that other people trust them.

We often trust our peers more than brands, and naturally, we want to do what we see other people doing. If you can see that other people are willing to advocate for a brand, this will be much more reassuring than a brand that doesn’t show how actual people have benefited from them. No one wants to take a business’s word for it, they want to see that real people like them and would recommend them. This is often why you’ll hear recommendations from friends and family as being considered the best form of marketing you can have.

Types of Social Proof

Social proof comes in many different forms, especially due to the internet and social media. If you have loyal customers and clients, there are various ways of showing social proof in your marketing. Here are a few different ways of doing it.

Testimonials and Reviews

Before you put any money into something, you likely look for testimonials and reviews first. These are some of the most important examples of social proof that any reliable business should have, and you often don’t have to do much extra work to get them. When customers and clients have a pleasant experience with a business, they may take a few minutes to write a positive testimonial or review on their own. However, you can also help prompt them to provide this information.

Case Studies

A case study allows you to provide much more in-depth information regarding the benefits your business has than testimonials and reviews alone. Case studies are also very data-focused, which helps give your claims more credit, and are often most beneficial for B2B businesses. This typically involves focusing on one client and explaining the services you provided them and exactly how it helped their business.


Awards are a great way of showing that you have a trustworthy business that provides value. Any accomplishments your business has won should be shown on your website and social media. This ensures that everyone can see that others believe in your capabilities and can help put you above your competitors.

Social Media

Much of what you do on social media can be considered social proof, as it’s a way for you to engage with your audience. If you see a business with very few followers that gets no engagement on its posts, this could be a bad sign. However, a business with an audience that clearly likes them enough to visibly support them shows that you’ve earned a solid base.

Work with a Digital Marketing Agency That Can Help Build Trust

Today, marketing is more complicated than ever, and there are many different aspects to consider to do it effectively. However, you don’t need to worry about how you’ll manage juggling the various elements that go into marketing your business. Instead of dealing with this yourself, have a digital marketing agency handle this for you. At ENX2 Marketing, we offer services that cover everything you need to promote your business and gain new customers and clients.

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