Since I last wrote about the improvements LinkedIn should consider for its new stories feature, Twitter decided to say “Hold My Beer” and release its new Fleets feature to the general public. Twitter’s Fleets are essentially the platform’s own version of stories. Every platform is officially on the bandwagon now. But is it more yea than nay or vice versa?

The Good

The main use of stories on each social media platform (Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) helps to maintain and increase follower/user engagement. Social Media stories allow businesses (law firms in our case) to communicate without interrupting a platform’s main news feed.

Rather than relying on hitting the like button over and over, stories allow you to engage in a different way that seems a little more personal. Common features among all platforms (except LinkedIn… I kid, maybe) in regards to the stories feature include sharing your location, tagging other users or accounts, sharing stickers or GIFs, and using polls or other types of question submission boxes. Creativity is also what sets stories apart, with customizable fonts, the use of different backgrounds, and the ability to add your favorite tune.

The Bad

While you may not think there is anything bad about social media stories at face value, there is one definitive negative – the oversaturation of the same feature over and over again on different platforms. You’ve seen the memes. You’ve heard the jokes. Any time there is something trending, “…Will Now Have Stories” memes become a part of it too. Confused? Just go to Twitter, you’ll see.

Too much of a good thing eventually becomes a bad thing. Stories are something that made Snapchat stand out from the beginning. Then Instagram hopped on the bandwagon, then Facebook. Now, we have Twitter Fleets. Sensing a trend? For someone who is an avid social media user, it can be a little overwhelming.

The Ugly

What can be worse than the oversaturation of a feature that doesn’t seem to pack the punch it once had? The screwups that can occur because of stories. For the most part, stories can only be uploaded from a handheld or mobile device such as a tablet or phone. If you run social media accounts from your personal devices for your business or a client’s business, making an error of epic consequences can easily occur if you aren’t careful.

For example, you are logged into a client’s account when you decide to post a story of your wild weekend. Doing something like that can cause cataclysmic damage to your brand depending on what it is. And, it’s a mistake that can easily happen, especially with how many different platforms you can post stories to.

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