March Madness took on a whole new meaning last month as we were hit with plenty of new features on our favorite social media platforms, mainly on Instagram and Facebook. Let’s check out some of the best, in our opinion.

Instagram Live Rooms

We all love when our favorite celebrity, or even just our funniest friend, utilizes Instagram Live, letting us take a peek into their daily life. But sometimes, as the person who is live, it feels like you’re talking to a brick wall. Yes, you can see any comments that come in real-time and answer them for viewers. But you know what they say, two (or in this case, more than two) is better than one.

Previously, Instagram allowed users to go live with one other person. One user would start a live video and invite the other user or the other user would request to go live with them. Now, with Instagram’s Live Rooms, users can go live with multiple people at once — almost like a group FaceTime call but with an audience. This new feature is great because interviews can be conducted between journalists and celebrities, famous stars can connect with fans on a personal level, and friends can just hang out together while apart.

Facebook Features

While Instagram’s updates seem to be geared towards the general public, Facebook’s updates are centered around content creators, influencers, and brands who monetize their presence on the platform. Some of these updates include:

  • Increasing the minimum video length needed to earn revenue.
    • Previously, to earn revenue on videos, they needed to be over three minutes long. Facebook has cut that requirement back to only one minute.
  • Allowing more creators to place ads in live videos.
    • Prior to this update, only creators who were invited to participate were able to place ads in their live videos. Now, all that is needed is “60,000 live minutes viewed in the last 60 days.”

Learn more about Facebook’s latest features here.

Twitter’s Tests

A little birdy told us that Twitter is testing out an e-commerce feature that will allow users to shop directly from the platform. Much like similar features on Instagram and Facebook, this will allow brands to promote products, and followers and other users can then purchase them without ever leaving the app.

Twitter is also toying with the idea of a “Super Follow” feature; according to Tech Crunch, those who pay for the feature will “earn certain subscriber-only perks, including things like ‘exclusive content,’ ‘subscriber-only newsletters,’ ‘community access,’ ‘deals & discounts,’ and a ‘supporter badge’ for subscribers.”

Though these features are not available right now, they may be in the future.

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