Social media allows you to reach your customers worldwide from a push of a button. If you are not using social media in your marketing plan, you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your customers. Social media platforms allow you to engage with your customers in real-time while improving brand awareness and increasing customer satisfaction in a  cost-effective way. And we can’t forget the lift to website traffic it provides.

If you are a little overwhelmed with this information, don’t worry! Let’s explain how important social media is to your digital marketing plan.


The words “brand awareness” sound intimidating but it’s actually pretty self-explanatory. It is the extent to which customers are familiar with a brand. One of the best ways to get your brand in front of a large audience is to create accounts on all different social networking platforms and then start engaging with potential customers. There are many platforms available to your business such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. These platforms are easy to use and can be utilized at no cost. By applying a strategy to these platforms, it will help you significantly increase your brand recognition, recall, and affinity. 

In addition, you can be running ads and boosting posts on your social media, making sure you’reyour reaching outside of your followers, and getting in front of people who need your services.

But please don’t be fooled; social media management may sound like you only need to post once a day and comment to a few followers, but it’s actually a full-time job. Which leads me to my second point…


Going to your brick-and-mortar store during your hours of operation is a thing of the past. Not only do your customers want to buy your products or services online as well as in person, but they want to interact with you on social media at all points of the day. Your customers have questions that need answers. And in this day and age, many consumers prefer to ask a question directly on your Facebook page than picking up a phone to call. And that’s the beauty of social networking — to stay in touch with your customer.

Each platform gives your business or law firm the opportunity to interact with your customers through a direct message or by commenting directly on your posts. Why should you respond to your customers in a timely manner? Keep reading…


The faster you respond to your followers/customers, the more satisfied they will be in your customer service. Remember, customer service isn’t just a retail thing–if you are a law firm, you need to always put your best foot forward to attract the clients you want. 

Make sure you respond to a customer’s question in a personalized manner, rather than having an automated message, as a generic, canned message can be a turnoff. By following this advice, your customer will feel appreciated and valued — this could result in brand loyalty, leading to viral marketing, which is essentially the modern-day form of word of mouth (WOM) advertising.


Another incredible benefit of social media is that it increases the traffic to your company’s website. By posting content on your social media profiles that link back to your website, you are giving your followers a reason to visit your site. The more quality content you post on your social profiles, the more traffic you will generate to your website. This could lead to more sales and better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!


If you have questions about how your company can benefit from social networking or how you can improve your company’s social media presence, it’s time for you to reach out to the social media experts at ENX2 Marketing. We have what it takes to make your social media stand out above the rest!