You may believe graphics are not that important to your business’s social media presence, but posting your content with personalized graphics is a great way to create brand awareness and look professional online. Graphics that include web addresses and company information with the brand’s colors and logo will attract the user’s attention and entice them to read — and care — about what you share online. 

DesignPickle hit the nail on the head with this quote: “If you’re in a business, you’re in the business of graphic design.” Why — you ask? Let us explain how you can grow brand awareness using social media graphics to increase your success online.

  1. It increases the professionalism of your brand– Remaining consistent with your social media graphics provides you with a professional appearance. The better quality your graphics and content are, the more professional and credible your brand will be to your followers and potential customers. 
  2. It gives brand recognition– First impressions are very important, and the second your followers see your post, they are judging its visual appearance and if they will go any further to your website. SumraCreative states “Five seconds is enough for the potential follower to decide if your profile or content is interesting to keep following your stories or posts.” If you stick out to your followers, the chances of them remembering your brand and wanting to learn more about you increases. This can also result in Word Of Mouth (WOM) Advertising to the follower’s family and friends. Did we mention this is totally free to you? *Winning*
  3. It gives a sense of connection to your consumer and your company– Engaging content and creative graphics gives your business the powerful marketing tool they need to build your business and gain a dedicated following. Content that is engaging gives you the opportunity to form relationships with your consumers, giving them a sense of connection with your brand.

GET CREATIVE WITH YOUR CONTENT – Utilize Social Media Graphics!

Now that you have learned WHY your business needs social media graphics to enhance your brand, here’s HOW you can get started — with ENX2 Marketing, of course! We have a team of creative social media specialists, graphic designers, and photographers that will help bring your brand and social media presence to life. Don’t settle for the same stock images, contact our experts today and start growing your business to new heights. Let’s Be Amazing!