At the very edge of the Pacific Northwest sits the city of Seattle, Washington. It is the 15th largest metropolitan area in the United States and is known for its alternative music scene, the Space Needle, and some major tech companies. The rainy Emerald City averages only 71 completely sunny days each year and in an average year, at least 0.01 inches of rain falls on 150 days, more than nearly all the U.S. cities east of the Rockies.

Seattle is the 11th largest metropolitan economy in the United States. Some of the major Fortune 500 companies include, Costco, Microsoft, and Nordstrom. It’s also a huge biotech city such as Corixa, Amgen, Trubion, and ZymoGenetics.

Small businesses are known to succeed in Seattle. Take a look at the Starbucks, the massive coffeehouse chain. It started as a small coffee house that quickly exploded, with 23,768 locations worldwide. Wouldn’t it be nice to follow in its footsteps, this time as a law firm or non-retail business? Well, you can, with the right marketing team at your side. You need a team that knows the ins and outs of internet marketing in Seattle.

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