You never realize just how valuable contacting someone for help can be until the option is taken away from you.

Take what happened to me this week. I’ve been a Facebook user almost 10 years now and have been using it for business purposes for about half that time. I’ve never had any trouble with Facebook until recently, when I had an issue with their app. So I decided to contact them about it. Much easier said than done. After thumbing through what felt like page upon page of help guides and community forums, I still couldn’t find an answer to my problem. So I decided to contact them.

I looked for a phone number. Nothing.

Then I looked for a contact email or a live chat. Nothing.

I tried their support inbox. I get a message back that says, “Thanks for your feedback!” Nothing about how to solve my problem.

For a social media website, they sure aren’t, well, sociable.

But it is a good lesson in customer service. As lawyers, there are many aspects of your job that your client probably doesn’t understand. Your client only knows that he/she has a legal situation and needs your help. The negotiations and legal documents can make a client feel lost and confused. And if you are not readily available to explain a situation to them, you may see that client looking for another lawyer, one that is willing to take the time to talk to them.

Client relations are so important for a law firm, especially in this day and age. You can’t get all your answers from a computer screen. And when it comes to discussing important topics such as “What is happening with my case?” and “Why should I settle for this amount?”, human touch is needed. Not only will your client appreciate that you took the time out of your schedule to discuss his/her issues, but chances are that client will be a great mouthpiece for your law firm. As we always say here at ENX2, kindness goes a long way. Work on your client relations and you will reap the benefits.

And hey, if you’re marketing company isn’t taking your calls, it’s time to get a new marketing company. Try ENX2 on for size. We’re always available to help our clients.