Hello! My name is Ryan Coyle, and I am an intern for the fall semester here at ENX2. Being able to be a part of this award-winning staff is something that I’m excited about. As technology advances and we as a society develop further into more digital spaces, learning the ins and outs of digital marketing will be an important skillset to have in any part of the business world. Being a communications major, I have had the opportunity to take a few marketing-related classes and hope to apply these skills in a professional setting here at ENX2.

I started running a sports podcast about 18 months ago and it kickstarted my interest in the marketing industry. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons why I pursued being an intern here. Joining the team here at ENX2 will allow me to enhance my marketing skills, learn more about research development, and give me experience working with others in a professional atmosphere. 

An area that I would like to think I am advanced in but still want to learn more about is research development. Running my podcast, I do deep dives on statistics and player analysis which is something I am passionate about. Now, I want to be able to take that passion and push it into my role here. I want to have the ability to help out any client and do the proper research to help make their business more successful. Being able to help others achieve their goals is a rewarding process and something I am looking forward to! 

One of the main things that I hope to gain from this experience is to learn more about Search Engine Optimization, mainly referred to as SEO. This area of digital marketing is something that we didn’t learn much about in class, and I know that is one of the key factors in having success when it comes to digital marketing. From what I have learned so far, SEO is the key to improving traffic to websites from different search engines on the internet. The more traffic that your site brings in, usually correlates to the amount of success that your company will have in whatever business you are in.

Another thing that I would like to learn more about throughout my time here is in the area of graphic design. Combining my ability to write effectively, communicate to groups, and being able to design graphics would be a great trio of skills for any employer I may work for post-graduation. With social media growing everyday, more companies are investing in people to run their social media pages and create graphics for their business. Adding this skillset to my repertoire would give me opportunities down the line. 

Being a member of the team here is a great opportunity, and I am looking forward to helping out as much as I can. With my writing experience for the different publications that I have produced work for and my ability to do deep dives on some research projects that I have done in the past for my podcast, I feel like I can bring a lot to the table as an intern and help out our clients at ENX2. Being an athlete as well has taught me how to help lead others, communicate effectively, and work as a team. Having a background in athletics is one of the most rewarding things and beneficial experiences anybody can have and that is what makes me confident that I can be a meaningful contributor to the company over these ten weeks!