Ferris Bueller once said in the famous movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around awhile, you might miss it.” That quote really sums up my four years as a college student and my intern experience these last few months at ENX2 Marketing. It feels just like yesterday, I was in here for my first-day orientation, where I was nervous, overwhelmed, and everything in between. Fast forward nine weeks later, I have learned many things, experienced what it is like to work in a professional environment, and learned a thing or two about marketing along the way!

Office Collaboration

Having the opportunity to work at ENX2 with a group of experienced professionals has been an eye-opening experience. It is a great feeling to work with people who care about what they do and are passionate about their work. Everyone depends on each other to get their work done on time and in a professional manner.

Using the different organizational/communication platforms such as “Monday.com” and “Slack” has made collaborating with others much easier. Anytime I have a question, comment, or concern, I am able to type any of the slack channels and get instant feedback to help me with the task that I am currently working on.

But collaboration goes beyond communication. Additionally, anytime that I finish an assignment, whether it is a social media or blog post, all I have to do is post it to “Monday” and our expert group of editors is there to make any necessary changes or edits to curate the perfect piece for our client. The constant communication and collaboration amongst employees from the interns to even the CEO has been a great example of what a professional work environment should look like.

Client Feedback

Another meaningful experience that I have drawn from during my time at ENX2 is what it is like to get client feedback. A lot of people in life are used to always being told how great they are and that they can do no wrong, but when that is the case, you don’t have the opportunity to grow as an individual. One of the clients I have been creating social media posts for had a few comments about the work I had been doing and my supervisor let me know.

Receiving that feedback and critique allowed me to tailor the social media posts more towards what they wanted and create a better product for the client. Constructive criticism is a great way to help people grow and better themselves and receiving some of that has made me better when it comes to digital marketing.

Life Lessons

A few weeks ago, I was able to have a conversation with our CEO, Nicole Farber. In that twenty minutes, she taught me a lot of life lessons and opened my eyes to some things I haven’t thought about before.

My father has always told me that I should do what I love, so then I don’t feel like I have to work a day in my life. Nicole really personified that in my conversation with her and I saw how passionate she was as we talked about marketing, the company, and how much she loves her job. Her passion for what she does really makes me want to succeed and try to build my own platform more as a sports podcaster.

Nicole also really emphasized building relationships with others, because you never know when you might need someone in life. Whether it is co-workers, teammates, a neighbor, or a stranger, try to build a relationship with them and make sure they remember you. Networking is one of the major keys to becoming successful in any walk of life.

10/10 Intern Experience!

As I head into my last week as an intern with ENX2, I am very thankful for this experience and what I have gained from it. Anybody looking to gain experience in a professional environment that will help develop you and assist you in reaching your personal goals in the marketing/content creating world should consider interning at a place like ENX2!

And if you’re looking for a marketing agency that can learn and handle whatever you toss their way, ENX2 is that firm. Contact ENX2 Marketing today!