Social media – we love it, we hate, we love to hate it, and we hate that we love it – will be a part of our lives personally and professionally for the foreseeable future. If you aren’t using at least one of the multiple platforms we have at our disposal (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), you are either living under a rock or your friends and loved ones most likely think you’ve vanished off the face of the Earth.  

If you’re a lawyer on our AMAZING website right now, this thought is probably running around your mind: “But, Logan… social media is not that important.” WRONG! It is highly important to your law firm’s success. It proves you exist to those thriving in the digital world, which is practically the world. 

“Okay, Logan, okay. I created this Facebook page really quickly for our firm. Are you happy?”

No, I am not. That’s just step number one! Today, I am going to teach you how to use social media effectively for your law firm. 

Put Your Law Firm on ALL the Social Media Platforms

Big whoop. You created a simple Facebook page. No profile picture. No cover photo. Don’t stop now! You need to customize and optimize your Facebook page for success. When that’s done, you need to create other accounts for your law firm on either Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Make sure your accounts are updated with your website, contact information, hours, services, and accurate descriptions of what types of cases your firm takes on. Also, consider making your profile picture your firm’s logo so potential clients remember it. Not only is having your law firm on as many social media platforms as possible good for reaching all of your potential audience, but it’s also good for brand recognition, boosts search engine optimization results, and can improve the online client experience. 

Determine Your Goals

What’s a good idea without having some goals in mind? After you create different social media accounts for your law firm, it’s time to develop a game plan! Determine what type of content you want to post, create a schedule, and consider advertising (scroll down for more information on that). Another goal to consider is the “why” factor. Do you want to generate leads or build brand awareness? What about both? These are things to keep in mind as you start your firm’s social media journey. 

Get to Posting!

With your accounts set up with your goals in mind, it’s time to get posting! At ENX2 Marketing, we recommend posting to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram at least once per day. With Twitter, we recommend posting three times per day. Your audience will come, but by having content on your account before your audience is built, you’ll show some level of credibility and that you didn’t just pop into digital existence out of thin air. Graphics, videos, and links to your website are all things you should consider including in your firm’s first social media posts too. Also, get to know the hashtag. It’s a very important organic tool at your disposal. 

Build Your Social Media Audience

So, if you started posting interesting content to your firm’s social media accounts, you may have noticed a person or two like your posts and quite possibly following your page or profile. Let’s build upon that. Invite your friends or colleagues to like or follow your accounts. Consider posting about your accounts on your personal social media accounts and at the very least, share or retweet your law firm’s posts. This will start driving traffic to them and help begin to build your audience. 


On to the age-old adage, “You have to spend money to make money.” For social media advertising, that couldn’t be more true. Even ten dollars spent between two days could put your page or posts in front of hundreds of eyeballs that would have never seen them before. That means your firm name and your services too. With social media advertisements across multiple platforms, you can build an audience for each platform, promote your services to clients who are in need, and brand your logo and firm name into people’s brains (that’s a good thing!). 

Not Up to Challenge? Contact ENX2 Marketing!

You’re a lawyer, and we know you’re busy. If all this sounds great, but you don’t have the time, don’t worry! The social media experts at ENX2 Marketing are here to take you to the top. No matter where your law firm is located, we can help. Contact our legal marketing agency today.