“Do it live!” is one of the many mantras here at ENX2 Marketing. Not only does it mean we can handle your company’s urgent and pressing matters with elegance and extraordinary effort, but our social media experts (like me!) can incorporate beautifully-designed video into all aspects of social media marketing.

Gone are the days of boring stock photos that didn’t make your business rise above the competition. Today, we live in the golden era of content that is constantly being reinvented to be new and refreshing for potential consumers.

But, Logan… what is this magical content you speak of?

It should be quite obvious. Video, video, video!

Content will always reign as king, but digital video content is the jewel that sits upon the top of the king’s crown. All businesses with a digital presence need to understand how to use video to their advantage, to conquer social media and get eyes watching.

Using Video Content on Social Media

According to statistics, 55% of people watch and engage with digital video content every day. On top of that, social media videos generate up to 1,200% more shares than posts or ads with text or images. These numbers should enlighten you on what your business should be doing instead of what it’s currently doing.

Rather than laughing at Facebook and Instagram for copying Snapchat’s “stories” feature, you should have been applauding them all along. Maybe you would have learned a thing or two.

Regardless, the sustainability of video content for social media platforms comes down to a few things:

  • Quality
  • Your message
  • Innovation
  • A little bit of humor

If you can implement these elements into your videos, then are you doing it right! The key is to keep coming up with video content regularly, always reminding consumers, customers, and your audience that you’re still here and you plan on being here for a very long time.

Here is some advice on what not to do. Don’t ignore the four elements above and just pump out videos for the sake of having videos. That would turn off your audience and negatively impact your social media strategy. A lose-lose situation.

Here is some token advice on what to do. When implementing the four elements above, determine what your objective is and stick with it! Creating video content for social media that is fun, funky, and fresh is simple to do when you have a clear and concise objective.

Here’s A Common Misconception!

Many companies think you need an award-winning video crew to produce content that works for social media.


You can engage your audience by using simple yet effective concepts. Like I said before, you need a clear objective. Also, you should consider investing in the equipment you need (it doesn’t have to be flashy!) or even try filming things on your smartphone. Sometimes, simple just works better.

Do It Live with ENX2 Marketing!

If you want digital video content you can brag about, it’s time to contact ENX2 Marketing. Our social media experts and video designers have the right stuff when it comes to creating top-notch content you will be proud of. Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Contact ENX2 Marketing today!