The internet has been around for quite some time now, nearly a few decades, and there have been some interesting, yet questionable trends that have made their way from screen to screen in this time. From the cinnamon challenge to the most recent milk crate challenge, let’s check out some of the most memorable and viral challenges to take over the interwebs. 

The Gallon Challenge

One of the earliest challenges to come about in the post-internet world is the Gallon Challenge. No one is really sure when it was created, however, there are records of the trend dating back to 1997. During the Gallon Challenge, participants attempt to drink an entire gallon of milk within an hour. However, to win these challenges, they would need to retain the milk for a set period of time…and more often than not, contestants would end up emptying their stomachs rather than the gallon jug. 

The Cinnamon Challenge

Becoming popular in the 2000s, the Cinnamon Challenge was not for the faint of heart. This viral food challenge consisted of participants eating a spoonful of cinnamon. Just cinnamon. They had to “eat” the cinnamon for at least one minute without taking a drink. However, even after guzzling down the beverage of their choice, many continued to choke on the cinnamon. The cinnamon would coat the mouth and throat, drying it out and causing coughing, gagging, and often vomiting. There are several health risks associated with this challenge, and we’re glad that we’ve left it in the past. (Although, content creator GloZell’s Cinnamon Challenge video never fails to entertain.)

The Harlem Shake

In 2013, Filthy Frank, also known by his other stage name, Joji, posted a video “doing the Harlem Shake” that went viral. Needless to say, the internet had a new challenge. Anyone from kids and college students to celebrities participated. 

To create the perfect Harlem Shake video, a group of people would stand still while one person, usually masked, danced to an excerpt of the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer. Then, when the beat dropped, everyone would dance in the most outrageous way possible while wearing or using outlandish props.  

The Ice Bucket Challenge

In 2014, the Ice Bucket Challenges were all the rage. This challenge raised awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and funding for The ALS Association; the association claims the trend brought in $115 million in donations. To complete the viral activity, participants would have a bucket of ice water poured over them and would then proceed to “nominate” others to do the same. While this may have chilled our bodies, it warmed our hearts to be able to help the ALS community. 

The Mannequin Challenge

Everyone and their grandmother participated in the Mannequin Challenge in 2016, even celeb James Corden of The Late, Late Show had his crew accept the challenge. This trend required participants to…well, act like mannequins. A large group of people would stop what they were doing in mid-action and one person would walk through filming everyone frozen while the song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane played. While this may have sounded too easy to be a challenge, it truly tested a person’s ability to balance and stay completely still, while also not breaking character. 

The Milk Crate Challenge

The latest viral challenge, known as the Milk Crate Challenge, is leaving people with more than just dry mouths or chilly bodies. In multiple instances, people are breaking bones or sustaining other injuries. But has that ever stopped the internet? I mean, do I even need to bring up the Tide Pod Challenge? 

To successfully complete this trend, one must stack several milk crates upside down to create a staircase of sorts. Then, with a lot of balance and trust in the plastic crates, they must walk up one set of “stairs” and come down the other. However, many of these towers are collapsing before the person even reaches the top. 

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