Calling all Facebook Advertisers! The day has finally come! Facebook is removing advertisers from its chokehold by doing away with its ‘<20% text in image’ rule. The social media conglomerate claims: “…we will no longer penalize ads with higher amounts of image text in auctions and delivery.” But they do encourage advertisers to stick to the ‘<20%’ rule claiming: “Keep your text short, clear, and concise in order to get your message across effectively.”

The Text Overlay Tool that was used to ensure you were following their text restrictions is also gone from the interweb. It has been redirected to a page explaining Best Practices For Image Ads on Facebook.

Some tips they include are:

  • Use fewer words and/or reduce the font size of your text without it being too difficult to read.
  • Make sure most of the text you use is in the body of your post instead of directly on the ad’s image.
  • Avoid spreading text all over the image.

Why did Facebook restrict text in ads in the first place?

In past years, they claimed it negatively affected the user experience because users on Facebook and Instagram opposed ads that were text-heavy. In 2018, however, they did update their ad regulations to allow more text but insisted your ad reach would be limited.

So, what’s new?

With the latest update, Facebook will be removing any reach restriction for ads with more than 20% text in the main image. They claim your ad will be displayed as normal and will reach the same amount of users as any other ad. Although there has been an update on the ad text restrictions, there has been no new update, if any, on how long the approval process will take now that more text is allowed in the ads. Facebook is still claiming the approval process is to be complete within 24 hours, as long as you keep Facebook’s Advertising Policies in mind.

Why is text important on ad images anyway?

You want to grab the attention of your consumer! Ensure you have bright and colorful imagery with text to stop the user from their scroll, eager to learn more about what product or service you have to offer. The user tends to notice images and headlines before anything else in the ad so adding CTAs to your ad photos, and compelling words like “free,” “you,” and “limited-time offer,” will be read more often than the actual post text.

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