As it appeared on Corporate Vision Magazine

ENX2 Marketing is a nationwide digital lead marketing agency based out of Pennsylvania. Earlier this year, ENX2’s CEO, Nicole Farber, was named as Corporate Vision Magazine’s “Most Influential Female CEO of the Year in Digital Marketing,” as part of the 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards. Following this achievement, we spoke to Nicole to see how she has thrived in this notoriously competitive industry.

Since February 2013, ENX2 Marketing have established themselves as the go-to marketing agency for some of the United States’ largest, and most elite, law firms. This swift growth has been, in large part, down to their CEO, Nicole Farber, who has been the driving force behind the company since its inception.

From the outset, it is clear that Nicole embodies an approach that is utterly client-centric; innovating, improving, and evolving ENX2 to best capitalize on her customers’ needs in a sector that demands excellence at all times. “There are three important keys to ENX2: Hard work, teamwork, and a positive attitude. We all work together to make sure the client is successful. We all have our specialities. We are always extremely personable with our clients. They know that if there’s an issue, all they have to do is reach out ot us and it will be taken care of immeditately. For us, success is when our clients succeed.”

This remains the cornerstone of the firm’s succes, and Nicole’s pro-active, non-stop attitude carries over to the business as a whole, shaping ENX2’s internal culture. “We work hard but we play just as hard. We are all dedicated team members who work both inside and outside the office to make sure our clients’ needs are met. But we’re like one big family. We can count on each other in good times and in times of discomfort. Also, we are always laughing in the office — it’s great way to release the stress and makes everyone feel better.

“I always say, if you are comfortable, you’re not growing. And real results will only begin at the end of your comfort zone.”

When it comes to the firm’s future, Nicole is optimistic. “The future for our company is extremely bright. Each year we consistently get better and better. We are currently expanding into a new state-of-the-art office that we designed ourselves. Our brand is becoming more and more well known in the legal community and anyone we work with can vouch for our competency and excellence. As our compnay slogan states — we are the business on the rise. And so is every firm we work with. Just ask them!”

In the marketing sector, it takes a unique perspective to see results. Through ENX2, Nicole Farber has created a tour de force, reinvigorating a market that was greatly in need of reinvigoration. For this, she was named as the “Most Influential Female CEO” – an accolade that would seem unfit in anyone else’s hands.