As a lawyer and business owner, you‘re probably getting dozens of calls and emails from general marketing firms who want to sell your law firm their SEO services. Many of them promise results that will blow your mind away but then have little experience in legal marketing to prove it. They soon learn, after marketing in other industries, that marketing for law firms is a whole different challenge. After all, with nearly 443,558 law firms as of 2021, competing for new leads won’t be a walk in the park for any law firm. It doesn’t matter how skilled or experienced they think their SEO agency is, the audience for law firms is not the same as the audience for other small businesses.

So, whether you are a sole practitioner or a large firm, what you need is a marketing agency that is experienced with marketing law firms, not just marketing in general. An SEO agency that will help your site compete with dozens of law firms also vying for a top rank on Google SERPs. Basically, you need an experienced, reliable, and adaptable agency that can develop a plan to meet your digital marketing goals from the get-go.

But, how do you choose an SEO agency for a law firm that checks all these boxes? And how do you know if it is the best fit for your practice? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind.

1. Look at Their Track Record

The first thing you would want to look for is the results. As you surely know, the legal industry is competitive. Law firm SEO is no exception. Naturally, trying to rank for highly competitive search terms will be an uphill battle.

You have to make sure that the law firm SEO company you choose is capable of getting you the results you need. Any agency you’re looking at should have a few clients ranking on the first page of Google SERPs, not just one.

When looking up an SEO agency for a law firm, you will have to ask a couple of questions.

  • Do they have any clients who are also law firms?
  • How many of their clients have ranked on the first page?
  • How do the majority of their clients rank?
  • Are their high-ranking clients from the same legal niches as your law firm?

Most professional SEO companies are willing to share their report card. Each agency will have a policy of its own in how they share their portfolio. We have ours on our website. But, if an agency fails to give you satisfactory answers or say no to sharing results, that’s a potential red flag.

2. Check How Many Clients They Currently Have

When researching an agency, look for how many clients they currently have. Usually, their portfolio will give you an idea about their current clientele. The portfolio will provide valuable insights into the agency’s:

  • Law firm SEO practices 
  • Diversity of clientele 
  • Niche-specific experience

As you look into their portfolio, find out if they have worked with clients from your legal niche if you couldn’t find them in your portfolio. For example, if your firm handles personal injury law, see if they have worked with law firms from this legal niche.

If not, check whether they have a diverse portfolio. Sometimes, a law firm SEO agency may not have worked with clients from your niche, but they can have a diverse portfolio. This often means they are willing to get to know your niche and will be able to provide you with better results.

3. Talk to Their Clients

You don’t have to take any agency at its word. Whatever results you see, talking to their current and former clients is always a good idea when possible. This will give you a sense of the agency’s SEO practices, company culture, value system, and team, among other things.

When you talk to the customers, remember to ask the following questions.

  • How was their communication? Was it spot on?
  • Was their team proactive? Were they open to your feedback?
  • How was their reporting? Was it consistent and customized to your needs?
  • Did their services live up to your expectations?

And if it’s a former client you are talking to, make sure to ask why they decided to discontinue. This should give you a clear idea of how the SEO agency works.

4. Check If They Offer Customized SEO Services for a Law Firm

When it comes to law firm SEO, customization is a must because no two projects are the same. Each law firm will have unique SEO needs. The agency should be willing to create a customized SEO strategy best suited to your needs.

To make this happen, you should be upfront and clear about your SEO needs. This includes talking about the keywords you want to target, the current on-site optimization of your website, and the details of your existing SEO strategy if you have one.

Remember, no professional SEO agency for law firms will promise that your firm will rank #1 for a keyword or a set of keywords overnight. Good SEO, especially organic SEO, takes time and needs a well-crafted strategy to succeed. You have to make sure the agency understands this and is willing to go the extra mile to improve your online presence. 

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If you want to generate more online leads, your law firm needs to invest in SEO. The truth is, however, choosing an agency that can handle your SEO requirements isn’t going to be easy. This is a long-term investment in your firm’s future. So, you have to be very careful when choosing a company to take charge of your SEO marketing. For an SEO agency to test these tips on, look no further than ENX2 Marketing.

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