Today, you can’t get very far without investing in great digital marketing for your business. An increasing number of businesses are taking to online marketing channels, thanks to their broader reach, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. And, the legal industry is no stranger to the benefits of digital marketing services. In fact, 87% of law firms have a website. If your law firm isn’t getting professional help, you’ll have a harder time competing with the ones that do.

Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why every law firm should invest in digital marketing.

1. Reach More Clients Outside Your Immediate Location

Thanks to technology, you have the opportunity to reach a wider audience, which can help your law firm bring in more clients. Traditional marketing channels like billboards, magazine ads, and newspapers limit you to a specific locality. In contrast, digital marketing is a great way to increase your scope and reach a wider audience. While your law firm may have a physical location, you might aim to serve clients in many surrounding areas.

Reaching this many people with traditional methods would be challenging, not to mention expensive. If you’re trying to expand your target market and don’t want to be confined to specific locations in your marketing efforts, digital marketing services for law firms are the solution. You can reach more people online and target the locations your firm wants to compete in.

2. Target the Right Audience

Your practice might be bringing in traffic, but is it the right kind of traffic? Seeing a large number of users coming to your site might seem great, but if they’re not the right audience, it won’t bring you any new clients. Digital marketing services for law firms can help target relevant users based on your fields of practice. You know that not everyone looking for a law firm will need the exact services yours offers. For example, if you are an estate planning law firm, you’re less likely to engage potential clients by targeting the entire legal market. A large portion of this audience might not be looking for the type of law your firm practices, so marketing to them is a wasted effort.

This is where digital marketing comes in. You can personalize a digital marketing drive to fit your services, ensuring they reach the people you want them to reach. With online legal marketing, you don’t have to worry about spending time and money on people who have no need for your law firm. While organic search can help the right people find you, paid media allows you to define exactly the audience you’re looking for so your firm has the best chance of succeeding.

3. Establish Expertise with Informative Content

Various types of digital marketing services for law firms are beneficial, but one that you can’t overlook is content marketing. Content marketing can work wonders for your law firm. Apart from generating interest, well-written content can showcase your legal expertise. Of course, people don’t want to take any chances when it comes to hiring a lawyer. Regularly publishing content is an effective way to assure readers of your knowledge and judgment.

When potential clients come to your website, it should be obvious that your firm knows what it’s talking about. Content marketing gives you a way to do this. Blog posts, videos, case studies, and more all give potential clients proof that your law firm has professionals who are prepared to navigate them through the complexities of the legal process. This can help people feel more comfortable deciding on your law firm and give you a competitive edge over other firms.

4. Enhance Customer Experiences

Every business, including law firms, needs to understand the importance of the experience potential clients have when working with them. This doesn’t only apply to when you interact face to face, but before it even gets to that point. A potential client’s experience with your law firm starts as soon as they become aware of your brand, so the first impression they get of your website is extremely important.

Digital marketing strategies can make or break a client’s journey with your firm. Potential clients may make their minds up about your firm before even speaking with you if your website has problems. A fast-loading website, seamless web design, and great-looking images can attract users actively shopping for an attorney. Working with a digital marketing company ensures that you have professionals who will oversee this and maintain your website to enhance potential clients’ experiences on your site. Good customer experiences automatically translate into good reviews and repeat business.

5. Build Credibility and Brand Image

As someone in the legal field, you understand how important it is for your clients to feel like they can trust you. Whatever type of law your firm practices, you know that many people who come to you during a difficult time are in need of someone reliable to help them. If your website gives the impression of a law firm that doesn’t put in the extra effort to help its clients, people could worry that you don’t seem credible enough.

To stand out in the overcrowded legal landscape, you need to create a solid image. Clients often gravitate towards recognizable law firms, simply because they trust them. By ramping up your digital marketing efforts and engaging with your clients directly, you can establish credibility and build brand awareness. People may become familiar with your law firm before they even need your services, so when the time does come, you’ll be at the top of their minds.

6. Increase Your Online Appeal with a Social Media Strategy

A digital marketing agency won’t only help improve your website, but they’ll also build and maintain a social media strategy. Social media isn’t only important for allowing us to connect with friends and family, businesses also need to take advantage of this to interact with their audience. Law firms can use social media to connect with their audience, drive website traffic, and increase leads. Past clients and potential clients can easily keep up with your law firm on social media and become more familiar with your brand.

A digital marketing company will constantly keep your social media game on track, boosting your online presence even further. Social media can also help make your firm’s other digital marketing efforts even more impactful. It’s not enough to publish content on your website, you need to promote it. Utilizing different social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, gives you the perfect place to promote your firm’s content and ensure that your target market has a way of finding it.

7. Keep in Touch with New and Existing Clients

While online legal marketing is important for bringing in new clients, you don’t want to forget about your firm’s past clients. Digital marketing tools, such as emails, can help you amplify your connections. Most successful law firms send relevant and valuable emails to past and present clients as a way to stay in touch with them. You should want to maintain relationships with everyone your firm has worked with over the years. If past clients have had a great experience with you, there may be a chance someone else they know can end up benefiting from your services. It never hurts to have a lot of connections, and a digital marketing agency can help make doing this easier to manage.

8. Save on Advertising Costs

With online legal marketing having so many benefits, you may be worried about how much it will cost your firm. While digital marketing is more than worth it and has proven this for many businesses, it’s understandable to be concerned about the cost. However, digital marketing is far more cost-effective than its traditional counterpart, making it ideal for even those working with smaller budgets. Not only do you pay less to reach more people, but you also get a wide range of media channels to choose from.

9. Benefit from Convenient Conversions

Potential clients can take action immediately when they see your content online. They can read your blog post or click a link, even if they’re not seeking legal help at the moment. This is not the case with traditional media channels, where the best you can hope for is a phone call after someone views your ad. As we’ve said, it’s important for potential clients to be exposed to your law firm before they need your services. Investing in online legal marketing allows you to build relationships with your audience over time, which will eventually pay off for your firm.

10. Measure Success in Quantifiable Results

If you’re paying for online legal marketing, it’s understandable that you want proof that it’s benefiting you. Fortunately, with digital marketing, it’s easy to monitor the performance of your marketing strategy. One of the top benefits of digital marketing is that it provides quantifiable results.

You can track the number of desired conversions you receive, such as email open rates or home page visits. Digital marketing makes it easy to track your ROI, so there’s no wondering whether or not something is working. This also gives you the opportunity to grow and adjust your digital marketing strategies in the future. Things can change over time, and what used to work won’t always, but seeing how your marketing efforts change allows you to adapt and stay ahead.

Invest in Digital Marketing Services Tailored to Law Firms

Businesses in different industries have different needs when it comes to their digital marketing services. At ENX2 Marketing, we offer digital marketing services for law firms and understand the unique challenges within this industry. We have years of experience helping law firms perfect their websites and social media and can show you how we can benefit your firm.

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