Over the years, your business will likely have plenty of news to alert the media about. When you have important information you need to get out to the public, there are many different methods you can use. However, one that countless businesses have relied on for years is a press release. 

Press releases can have many great benefits when done correctly, such as quickly increasing your business’s visibility and enhancing its trustworthiness. However, some might not understand whether or not press releases can also be beneficial for SEO. ENX2 Marketing can help you figure this out. 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a statement that a business distributes to media outlets. Media outlets can then share this information with their audiences. There are various times when a business may need to send out a press release, such as:

  • Announcing a new product or product update
  • Announcing mergers and acquisitions
  • Opening or relocating a business
  • Recognizing awards and honors

Can Press Releases Help Your SEO?

Like many things, press releases have the chance to benefit your SEO, but they don’t provide many direct benefits. Press releases have often been misused to try to boost a website’s SEO in the past, but the days of doing this are long over. While it was once common today to produce a large amount of low-quality press releases in an attempt to get more backlinks, you can’t get away with this today. In fact, the backlinks included in press releases likely won’t provide any direct SEO value at all, as Google pays them little attention.

Although press releases don’t directly benefit your SEO, they’re still necessary and can provide other benefits that could be beneficial for SEO. One of the main ways press releases can help is by driving more traffic to your website. Even though you won’t get the credit for a backlink in your press release, there can still be many people who go to your site solely because of your press release. Press releases can help enhance your business’s reach to a much wider audience. 

The way SEO and press releases have worked together has changed significantly as search engines have developed and enhanced their standards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use press releases to your benefit.

Press Release Best Practices

Press releases are still extremely important today, but you won’t get anything from them if you don’t understand how to do them correctly. It’s easy to make a bad press release, which won’t help you achieve any of your goals and only wastes your time. 

Here are a few press release best practices that you need to follow.

Only Utilize Press Releases When Needed

Having frequent low-quality press releases can come off as spammy, which can only end up doing your business more harm than good. This is why it’s extremely important to only release one when it’s actually newsworthy. It’s also important to keep in mind that just because you have a press release doesn’t mean that anyone will read it. If it’s not something people actually need or want to know, it can go unnoticed.

Write an Engaging Headline

While you may have information people want to know, you might not get attention without a good headline. This is the first thing people will see about your press release, and it’s what will make them decide whether or not they want to read it. An engaging headline that draws readers in can help you get more eyes on your news.

Keep It Short

Press releases shouldn’t contain a huge amount of information. These should be kept short and only contain the necessary information. Your message should be clear, so you want to avoid including too much information that can take away from what you’re trying to say. 

Use the Right Outlets

You may know many places you can send a press release to, but that doesn’t mean all of them are right for your business’s news. Different media outlets have different audiences, and not all of them will be interested in your business. Knowing which outlets are relevant to your business and have audiences likely to read about you can help you get the most out of a press release.

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