I’m a reader as much as a writer. I like stories, news articles, blog posts–literally anything that can take you from the present moment into a different space. (After the year that 2020 was, who doesn’t like a little escape?) Even when I write content for legal partners, I try to find ways that I can incorporate a narrative into the content–be it an introduction to a legal topic with a scenario or a retelling of a news item that recently occurred.

I find that the content that lands the best is that which readers can relate to. Sure, knowing the legal premise is important. But if you can’t access it and understand it, it’s almost like it was never read in the first place.

So I use different terms, simplify the concepts, and make it accessible to the everyday person–not the legal professional and not the constitutional scholar.

And this, friends, is what we call content experiences.

MarTech Advisor defines content experiences as those which focus on the overall experience of accessing, consuming, engaging with, and responding to branded content. This isn’t just on your physical website, it happens across company channels, social media platforms, etc.

While my examples may be specific to legal marketing, we can take the idea of content experiences and utilize it across industries to create compelling, useful, and most importantly, READ content. (Really–According to an updated study by Ahrefs, “90.63% of content gets no traffic from Google”–EEK!)

But not all is lost! Take a look at some creative ways we can reignite the light into your pre-existing content and help you make compelling content in the future!

1. Take it back to the inverted pyramid style of writing.

I went to school to be a journalist… or PR professional… or a romance novel writer… But what I carried along with me through all these potential careers was that when in doubt, write it out in inverted pyramid style.

The idea is you start with the most important part right from the start. So like the lead of a news story, your blog or page should begin with an answer to a customer question, a search query, etc.

From there, go into details, and then conclude with some background information that is relevant. While people may not get to the bottom of the story, the idea is that in the first few lines, they have the information they need and can take action.

2. Reorganize the page.

While this may take the help of a graphic designer or web developer, if you have already created engaging content but it’s just a lot on the page, it may be time to restructure with graphics, text breaks, and other visual elements.

This is part of the “10x Content” experience–content that may have the same or similar information but is 10 times better than the best webpage out there. 10x content looks for webpages that are:

  • Visually appealing
  • Up-to-date
  • Well optimized
  • Creates an emotional response
  • Solves a problem
  • Is unique compared to others in the interwebs

You aren’t reinventing the wheel, here. You’re just throwing some glitter on it.

3. Bring back the listicles, how-tos, and helpful guides!

In 2020, we became the people of DIY–and how-to guides helped accomplish that! While as a legal professional or business, you may wonder how such postings can help you, but they actually can.

Let’s say you are a family lawyer and since January is divorce month, you need to become more accessible to potential clients. A great blog for you may be “How to Find a Divorce Lawyer” or “5 Things To Ask Your Divorce Attorney.”

These posts are easy enough to create and answer questions–a lot of people don’t know where to begin looking for a good lawyer, nor do they know what to ask once they have one. By becoming a resource to these clients, you are more likely to be picked up by one of them for a case.

4. Let the Content Marketing pros create user experiences for you!

Sure, you can take this handy-dandy guide and write your own content, or you can give the ENX2 Crew a call and we can handle it for you!

The way Google ranks content, the marketing trends, and the social media platforms you NEED to be on are constantly changing–who has time to keep up? We do!

If you’re ready to increase your conversion rate and improve your client leads with engaging content, then don’t wait. Contact the nationwide content marketing agency ENX2 Marketing today.