When it comes to digital marketing, there are hundreds of tools businesses use to promote their vision with fans, customers, and clients. As the future keeps progressing, so do the tools marketers use. Social media platforms, Google analytics, and graphic design programs to name a few. But, it’s time to start thinking about how an ever-growing computer technology can change the digital marketing game. That is virtual reality (VR).

Not too long ago, we published an article about the not-too-distant future being filled with VR technology. In this article, we plan on talking about how that future can help digital marketers expand their brands with that technology.

For those who have been living under a rock, virtual reality is a form of computer technology that simulates three-dimensional life right before your eyes with the help of a VR headset in most cases (such as Google Cardboard or the Oculus Rift). The simulations can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way dependent upon what type of headset or technology the user is wearing. One of the most common uses of VR is currently video games and the user interaction from within the games.

But the potential use of VR is so much bigger than video games.

Marketing with Virtual Reality

Digital marketers, who are tasked with driving up customer experience, will benefit from the use of campaigns that use VR. It is estimated that there will be 171 million VR users this year, compared to just the 200,000 users in 2014. That is a whole new audience that businesses are going to have to reach. This technology gives marketers the ability to use new advertising platforms, increase e-commerce sales, and share content in a variety of ways.

Aside from the VR technology itself, ad spend will be one of the biggest revenue drivers for the industry. Now, let’s break down each of these abilities that will enable marketers to use this technology to their advantage.

Virtual Advertising:

Advertising with VR can create or help strengthen the emotional connection with customers. Ads have the chance to be so interactive and real that potential clients and consumers might feel as if they’re in a world designed for them. That alone can increase brand awareness while encouraging users to buy into what’s being offered to them.

Shopping in a Virtual World:

Businesses can take online shopping to the next level with VR technology. It can allow consumers to explore every aspect and element of a product before purchasing it, possibly allowing people who are opposed to online shopping to come back to the market. It will boost their comfort level because what they see is what they will get.

Virtual Content is Everywhere:

To begin with, content is everywhere. It’s how marketers communicate their products and services with you. VR not only increases the way content can be seen or heard, it creates a whole new world for it to be engaged with. Businesses have an opportunity to leave longer-lasting impressions on their consumer audience with virtual experiences designed for them.

ENX2 Is Here for You!

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