As it appeared on the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal

The bigger the storm, the brighter the rainbow, says Nicole Farber, the founder and CEO of ENX2 Marketing. As a result of this philosophy, she is not afraid to take chances and is not afraid to fail.

She does what she loves and works hard at it.

As the company’s CEO, Farber is responsible for all of its operations, including managing 17 employees and two office locations in Dallas and Plains.

In the community, Farber aids non-profits throughout the year with their marketing needs. She sponsors area school athletic teams, in particular Dallas High School where her son plays football and baseball. She is a board member for the NEPA American Advertising Federation, the chair of events committee for the Back Mountain Chamber of Commerce, an Avenger for the Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce and is part of the Connect team. She mentors students throughout the community on business and marketing, leadership and entrepreneurship.

“I have a very strong passion for inspiring and encouraging others that if I can do it, they can too,” she said.

Through her faith, which she learned from her mom, and perseverance, dedication, determination, personal accountability and strong work ethic, which she learned from her dad, she has achieved the success she experiences today. Her son, Nikolus, has been her rock and constant support every day.

“He is the greatest gift I have ever received, and I will always be very proud and so thankful he is mine,” she said.

The support from those who surround her, especially Wendy Lindars, a dear friend, and her right hand, the director of communications for her company, has been extremely important.

“My faith, drive, perseverance and the ability to bend like a palm tree when the storms come is just as important,” she added. “Palm trees can bend with even the greatest of storms.”

Farber completed several online courses in information technology at the University of Phoenix to further her knowledge in web design and development, as she was employed full time as the executive director at Candy’s Place. Much of what she learned about the marketing business, however, she learned by doing and by surrounding herself with experts in the field.

Her mentors have been numerous, especially at different seasons of her life, but she says she would never miss an opportunity to thank her parents for all they have taught her.

They are her greatest mentors.