If you haven’t already noticed, Instagram is one of my favorite social platforms as it’s constantly innovating new features. As most of us have noticed, Instagram recently remodeled the layout within its app, specifically the ‘notifications’ button and the ‘new post’ button. Instead of being along the bottom of the screen on the right-hand, side no matter which tab you are in, the notification button is now in the top right corner of only the homepage. And when it comes to sharing your latest Instagram-worthy photos, you have two options: on the home page in the top right corner or on your personal profile in the top right corner.

Now, with the relocation of these key buttons, two new buttons have taken their place: Instagram Reels and Instagram Shopping — not to be confused with Instagram Stories or IGTV episodes. 😄

Instagram Reels

Where you used to post photos is now where you post short videos. Confusing, right? Instagram Reels is similar to Tik Tok — no, not similar, it’s exactly the same. When it was first launched, it even had the same layout. This feature allows users to create short videos using original audio or audio from another user, perhaps one that is trending.

However, there are a few elements of the feature that can’t compete with King (or Queen) Tik Tok. Though a minor setback, you cannot pause the videos; you can only mute them. Reels also don’t have as many special effects for users to work with, meaning that a lot of the Reels on Instagram right now are just repostings of Tik Toks… awkward.

So while IG is indeed jumping on the bandwagon and keeping up with the latest trends, it needs to ✨ add a little bit of spice ✨.

Instagram Shopping

Gone are the days of wondering where you can buy an item that you saw in a post — Instagram Shopping not only tells you where it’s from but also gives you the option to buy it right then and there within the app. The items that are featured are based on your likes and following; if you follow a local clothing shop and they utilize IG Shopping, you can easily purchase their hottest item. And if you recently liked a post about your favorite movie, you can be sure to see items related to it in no time. It’s all in the algorithm.

When not in the shopping tab of the platform, you can still browse items and save them to your wishlist for later!

Reels, Stories, IGTV, Oh My! Let The ENX2 Pros Handle It All

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