The Intern Experience

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and our interns must be having a blast because they’re already halfway through their internships! After spending the last few weeks alongside the rest of the crew, gaining knowledge on all things social, content, web, SEO, etc., we felt that it was time for another Q&A session with Nick, Nicole, and Jen!

What has been your favorite part of the internship thus far?

Nick: “My favorite part of the internship so far has been creating posts for clients. It really gives me the option to be creative and I always look forward to what I can come up with each week.”

Nicole: “My favorite part of the internship thus far has been how welcoming and helpful the ENX2 team has been. When interviewing for the internship, I was told the team is a really close-knit group. They work together, get projects completed, and have fun while doing it. With being virtual, I was afraid it would be difficult to connect with everyone at the company. However, even from home, I’ve felt included and able to experience the fun work environment. They have all been extremely helpful with answering all of my questions. If it can’t be answered in a message, they are more than willing to jump on a Zoom call.”

Jen: “There are so many to choose from! Out of everything, I believe having the opportunity to have hands-on experience that allows me to be creative and write content as well as working with this amazing team is at the top of my list. Everyone is just so kind and knowledgeable. I am learning so much from them.”

What is something that surprised you or that was unexpected about the industry, if anything?

Nick: “I was honestly surprised at how much effort and work goes into posting on social media. The fact that so much proofreading, research, and material collection goes into daily posts is astounding. It really puts into perspective how hard people in the marketing field work.”

Nicole: “This was my first experience as a marketing intern. I came in with some background from my marketing classes and projects that I’ve completed. I knew the marketing industry involved research, but I was surprised by how much. I’ve been learning how necessary it is to do the research in order to discover the target market and get people engaged with the content being posted.”

Jen: “The biggest surprise has been how much goes into establishing and executing a marketing plan for a business. As a business minor, there are some topics that I haven’t been exposed to prior to the internship. It has been exciting to dig and learn about these different concepts and tools.”

What is one thing you hope to leave the internship with?

Nick: “I hope to leave the internship with the ability to competently write and post content at a level that I can be proud of. Getting there is going to take some effort but it’s worth it.”

Nicole: “I have already gained so much knowledge and insight in the industry. I hope to leave this internship with more knowledge that will help shape my future career for success.”

Jen: “My hope is to leave with as much knowledge and feedback as possible so after graduation, I can use the suggestions and training that I have received in wherever life takes me!”

Want to hear more of our interns’ insights? You won’t have to wait very long — in a few short weeks, they’ll be back to share their final thoughts and experiences! In the meantime, let’s keep being AMAZING!