It’s dead, Jim.

That’s what the experts keep saying. Ever since the creation of Google’s social media platform, social media gurus and people who think Google is taking over the world has been saying that there is no chance Google Plus will ever survive against Facebook. Every time Google changed something with Google Plus, such as adding all Google services under one umbrella, the call for death to Google Plus can be heard far and wide on the Internet. But now, it may finally be happening.

According to a recent article in Slate, Google is once again making changes to its social media network, this time taking away services. Google is now allowing people to log into the search engine’s other services, such as YouTube and Blogger, without having or creating a Google Plus account. In addition, it is now much easier to get rid of a Google Plus page without possibly getting rid of other services such as Maps or that precious YouTube account.

Does this mean Google admits defeat in the social media battle? And what’s more important, do you really have to keep that page up for your social media marketing strategy?

Yes, we say! Until Google finally does away with Google Plus, it is essential to post on your page. It’s true that Google Plus may be the inferior social media network — you don’t have much insight into how your posts are doing, what type of reach you’re getting, or even if anyone looks at the page — but it is still apart of the Google family of services. Not only is it a central hub for all your Google products, but Google Plus is also still a way to get the word out about your services. Remember, there are 4 to 6 million people who actively use the service — not nearly as many as Facebook users but it’s an audience that you may not reach anywhere else.

So don’t count Google Plus out just yet. There may be life in the old girl just yet.

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